5-Year-Old Mare “Collapses and Dies” at Aqueduct

Andesine, a 5-year-old mare under the whip for the 23rd time, “collapsed and died,” says the Gaming Commission, immediately after the 9th at Aqueduct yesterday.

“Collapsed and died” – this is horseracing.


  1. put the whip on the jockeys and owners see how they can bare the pain you are not caring Human Beings about time you all started

  2. How many horses is the engelhart family going to kill before someone in the commission starts to have an issue with it? It just goes to show – no one in the racing community, or New York racing commission really cares about the horses at all.

  3. Disgusting and cruel. Stupid and inhumane. Brutal and …..I could go on and on, but I’m only singing to the choir. GREED IS THE ONLY THING THAT MOTIVATES THESE BAST*RDS. 😢💔🐎

  4. VILE.
    Patterns of dying from the same connections like the Engelharts.
    The same trainers in this vile business have lots of dead racehorses during their “career.”
    No, nobody cares because this is horse racing, and if somebody truly cared about horses then they wouldn’t be in this business to begin with or derive a living from exploiting a weaker species for $2 bets and/or egos.
    They only care about filling the next race to generate bets.
    Earlier I gave an example about a trainer, at Charlestown, threatening to “punch me out” just because I used his $10 hose from Walmart to hose-off my horse after a race.
    Now, if that trainer truly cared about racehorses he would have gladly permitted me to wash down my horse because he would have cared about the horse not his stupid $10 hose.
    Plus, any stable personnel who cared would have complained about the lack of proper facilities to ensure the health and safety of the horse.
    All of this going on while CT is collecting millions in casino profits, and this is a pattern on all tracks.
    We can only speculate about what happened to Andesine because they keep their doping records secret, but this mare made them over $200,000 and that still wasn’t enough.
    For all we know they could have over dosed her either intentionally or otherwise.
    Horse racing is based on lack of transparency, but this blog, thankfully, is exposing the facts,.
    I’m sickened by this repulsive business so I can only imagine how the victims, their racehorses, must feel, but can’t express it.

  5. Today I witnessed another example of a horse clearly not fit to race,Parx Racing,Monday,November,15th.In the 8th race clearly another example of this” HACK “who calls himself a horse trainer Gary Sciacca races “HIT IT ONCE MORE” who is owned by a crew of owners named I believe Marino under the stable name of “YELLOW MOON STABLE”.Didn’t SCIACCA once race a horse owned by FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME COACH BILL PARCELLS,SARATOGA SNACKS?Trainer SCIACCA raced this horse into the ground,after this SCIACCA trained this horse into fracturing three of his legs,he was hellbent on getting one more race out of him,we never saw that last race.Personally I’d like to know what happened to this horse when SCIACCA could not get this horse to the races once more.How were they going to squeeze one more ounce of blood from this horse.I see PARCELLS finally listened to other trainers and moved his horses to other trainers.With this being said,obviously SCIACCA has no intentions of looking out for the welfare of “HIT IT ONCE MORE”so I’m asking The NEW YORK RACING AND GAMING COMMISSION to look after the health and welfare of this horse as well as the MARINOS,YELLOW MOON STABLE.Don’t let this become another Saratoga Snacks,no horse should be forced to race on one fractured leg.TRAINER GARY SCIACCA saw it was okay to race a horse after having fractured three separate legs.How is this individual allowed to retain a trainers license?Let this be a public notice warning as to what TRAINER SCIACCA is capable of.No horse should be tortured as Saratoga Snacks was.Let SCIACCA and YELLOW MOON (MARINOS)STABLE be put on notice,this is not an isolated incident.

    • Dedicated – thanks for sharing this information.
      I admire your efforts with the NYRC, but I’m sorry to say that it will probably be futile.
      That said, I still think it’s important for anybody to continue to contact the racing commissions with phone calls expressing our concerns, and utter disgust at what’s going on.
      Those commissions are paid for by you and me not the horse racing business, and they are supposed to be neutral.
      Based on my direct experience being an Associate Steward it seemed clear that only the stewards who uphold this abuse are the ones who keep their jobs, and they accomplish this by ensuring investigations go nowhere, and that no significant changes are made for the racehorses.
      I think it’s an abomination that the state of Kentucky classified racehorses as “livestock” “chattel,” and has absolutely no whipping rules in place so they don’t even attempt to do anything about this inhumane treatment.
      In fact, any entity or individual who derives their living from this business are all apologists and even if you tried to make changes within (been there done that) it’s not possible because this is systemic, legitimized, brutality that has been going on for a long time now.
      The only change that is going to end this is to shut it down.

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