“Went Bad,” Dead at Penn; Broken Pelvis, Dead at Aqueduct

The 1st at Penn last night, as described by Equibase: “Mischievous Star chased the pace in the four path, went bad near the quarter pole and was injured as a result and later euthanized.” Mischievous Star was four; this was her 14th time under the whip.

Smooth Move, three, suffered the following while training at Aqueduct Thursday: “unseated rider on track, ran loose and fell in barn area, sustained pelvic fracture subsequently necessitating euthanasia” (Gaming Commission).

Dead horses every day – this is horseracing.


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  1. Don’t you love the euphemisms? With zero respect for the dignity, life and suffering of these horses, without once acknowledging the truth behind these horrific injuries and deaths, Equibase uses such words as “went bad” and “fell” without telling the truth. The truth being that without any doubt these two now dead horses were pushed beyond endurance or exposed to life threatening circumstances. And to add insult to injury, these horses were just “kids”, aged 3 and 4, with what should have been a long life ahead of them.

  2. LINDA RICE you pathetic, morally bankrupt, low life life sucking parasitic scum bag.
    This trainer that the New York HBPA reveres has so many dead racehorses that it would take me weeks to provide all the names here so I’ll just review a few.
    FINANCIAL MOGUL was used, abused and exploited by the late Rick Violette Jr the one that the NYHBPA is going to hold a “special remember ceremony” for him at Belmont Racetrack in the cafe.
    Gee, I wonder if the HBPA will hold a ceremony for the thousands, if not millions, of racehorses that they have exploited, and continue to exploit to fill wagering coffers, and to increase their greedy needs?
    I celebrated the death of cancer-ridden Rick Violette Jr. who died the other day because I was celebrating the fact that not one more racehorse would die under this delusional abusive racehorse apologist.
    Please see the sad, and horrific state of Financial Mogul standing at the New Holland kill auction on this blog.
    Financial Mogul I sincerely hope that you have received some justice knowing that this ugly monster who was responsible for your dumping suffered greatly from cancer and died.
    LINDA RICE had her turn abusing Financial Mogul and she dumped him probably when she realized that Rick Violette Jr. had sucked out every single drop of synovial joint fluid that he once had replacing it with doping cocktails to keep him going.
    Linda has no problem dumping, maiming, and killing racehorses like the good apologist she is.
    How about GOLDEN BAY another one of her victims?
    Then there is JESSES GIANT DUNK whom she raced twice – yes twice – in 9 days while being beaten to perform.
    Now there’s SMOOTH MOVE – her latest victim.
    Linda Rice I sure hope you read this because the fate of cancer that was bestowed upon racehorse killer Rick Violette Jr. would be a gift for you – you blood sucking vampire.

    • I know of a horse that Linda Rice ran in a 16,000 claimer because it was below his ability and it would add a win for her while competing for the most wins at Belmont. The horse won by about 10 lengths and was, of course, claimed. The owner was furious. Also a horse (same owner) on stall rest following a procedure was billed for training and later broke down when back in training. He was euthanized on the track.
      Racing is not an honorable endeavor by any stretch.

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