Horse, Rider Killed at Churchill

New York Harbor, a yet-to-be-raced 2-year-old, broke down – both front legs, says the Daily Racing Form – at Churchill this morning and is dead. The rider, Odanis Acuna, was also killed in the fall.


  1. There is every reason for horse racing to be banned, and this tragedy exemplifies why.
    If you compare the trainers at SeaWorld who were ordered to stay away from “unpredictable orcas that are too dangerous to work around” then there is no reason to continue working with unpredictable high strung, doped up racehorses either.
    In the case of SeaWorld direct contact was banned after the death of Dawn Brancheau compared to horse racing whose had many deaths over the years and nothing has ever been done.
    The analogy between the deaths of SeaWorld trainers vs the deaths of racehorse riders is NO different.
    It’s exactly the same reasons and that’s why OSHA needs to order this business shut down right away.
    Any investigation leading to this horrific tragedy will lead to absolutely nothing as all previous investigations have shown – they are only public wallpaper.
    There are absolutely no justifications to continue this Romanesque gladiator-style death camp – none.
    Shut these hell holes down now, and you can bet your bottom dollar that any Kentucky investigator will guard this business like Ft. Knox – absolutely vile.

    • But the life of any animal at SeaWorld is hellish. They greatly suffer from their abnormal confinement. Greatly shortened life expectancy. This is a cruel commercial enterprise.

      • The life of a racehorse is hellish as well.
        In fact, they too suffer from abnormal confinement 23 hours per day in a stall barely large enough for them to turn around.
        They often resort to chewing the stall walls and/or weaving.
        The majority of racehorses have ulcers directly due to the stress of this confinement and all the other inhumane things perpetrated on them by an industry who views them as nothing more than a $2 bet.
        They are isolated from other horses, which is completely contrary to their natural behavior as a herd animal.
        They are doped up, just like the orcas, to perform.
        It’s all the same thing only the victim is different.
        Horse racing like SeaWorld is a “cruel commercial enterprise.”

  2. 2 year olds and broken legs. These babies aren’t meant to be ridden or bred for that matter with those unnatural long legs. The jockey too?. Well so what!?. Hope the owners go to Hell.

  3. The ultimate questions are : how can a “sport” or “entertainment” or gambling justify the deaths of animals and humans in this day and age? How is this OK?

  4. Absolutely tragic!
    All in November.
    All in NY
    Not even a mention on my local news stations.
    What is wrong with moronic mentality that continues to race horses that are far too young, anyway? Even IF they were older, and no matter how they shine or gleam, there is too much abuse within the industry to allow it to continue.

    • The horse racing industry has been controlling their public relations for too long now.
      They send free passes and gambling credits to the journalists who, in return, don’t expose the truth.
      This is changing thankfully to blogs like this, but it should be mainstream.
      Their control of the newspapers is about to change.
      These stories will get out into the mainstream where they belong.
      The racehorses need to be heard not the vile people who are exploiting and killing them.

  5. HOW TRUE — excellent point — the fact that these almost-daily events regarding suffering or death of race horses NEVER make the NEWS — not even ONCE — it’s no wonder the world knows nothing and is continually blindsided — LET’S SHUT DOWN THIS HORRIFIC, BRUTAL, HATEFUL INDUSTRY — the horses need our help — bets can be made on anything, any day of the week — casinos can remain open for entertainment & fun — BUT, let the horses go — release our magnificent horses from suffering & death to Sanctuaries, where they can lead normal lives.

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