“Collapsed and Died” at Belmont; Four More Dead at Santa Anita

The Gaming Commission reports that Buddy’s Tiz “collapsed and died” while training at Belmont Monday morning. Buddy’s Tiz was eight years old – or about the age of physical prime for the average horse. “Collapsed and died.”

Santa Anita has released its two most recent minutes: For the week October 22-October 28, three “fatalities”; October 29-November 4, one more. The names of the dead racehorses, of course (this being Santa Anita), were kept secret.

This is horseracing.


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  1. BUDDY’S TIZ; “royally-bred” by industry standards, purchased for $400,000, slipped into the claiming ranks when he could no longer perform, up for sale like most of them eventually, trained by Bruce Levine, and has a previous DNF on his race record.
    I emphasize the background of this horse because apologists often claim that racehorses who are “royally-bred,” that have lots of money behind them are somehow immune to the operating procedures of this vile business.
    Supporters of this blog know that this is completely untrue, and the facts speak for themselves like this direct example.
    Furthermore, as a former owner/trainer I directly witnessed many multi-million dollar purchases running for bottom claimers after they ran their ass-off for the very connections that dumped them, and they subsequently get shipped-off to kill auctions just like a low level claimer.
    So this delusion that the apologists want you to believe is just that – another delusion that these morally bankrupt people perpetuate on the public.
    Weird things happen when a racehorse like Buddy’s Tiz becomes a liability with high daily costs, and no claim slips in for him.
    Plus, executioner Bruce Levine, supposedly heavily connected to the the HBPA, has upwards of 75 racehorses in training, which should be illegal in and of itself, but they need people to fill races who will manipulate bets which is more easily accomplished with larger race stables, which could be the case here.
    Buddy’s Tiz would just be another body in the stall, a disposable racehorse so that the turnstile can bring in another one just as the other one drops dead in the dirt.
    As for Frank Stronach owned Santa Anita?
    This delusional apologist will go to no lengths to fill his wagering coffers, and to keep this death camp going, and if that means possibly being in collusion with the CHRB to not disclose the dead racehorses names then so be it.
    This is the wonderful world of horse racing.

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