Training Kill at Aqueduct

Gotcha Gabin is dead after breaking in morning practice Sunday at Aqueduct – euthanized, says the Gaming Commission, where she lay. The 3-year-old is the 80th dead racehorse at a New York track this year. End it, now.

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  1. GOTCHA GABIN so sorry for you.
    Upon review of your PP’s plus your workouts it’s blatantly obvious that you had issues.
    The horse racing business operates under lack of transparency and secrecy so your doping/vet records will never be disclosed.
    This is intentional done to hide and mask the truth behind your horrific suffering, and subsequent death.
    Your owner/trainer probably knew about this and still pushed you beyond your limits.
    This is thoroughly disgusting and this business is so vile that there are no words that can describe just how vile it is, and so are the people who exploit racehorses, send them out to the track knowing full well that they are risking their life.
    These people are parasites, and they are equally disgusting as all the dying on the tracks.
    Please folks, horse racing has got to be shut down.
    It can’t come soon enough for the racehorses.

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