“Fell, Euthanized” at Charles Town

The 6th at Charles Town last night: “RAVEN’S SONDE chased the pace from the three path, steadied briefly in the vicinity of the three eighths pole, fell past the five sixteenths and had to be euthanized” (Equibase). ‘Twas the 3-year-old’s first race.

In the most recent minutes from Santa Anita, one kill is reported for October 15-October 21; name of the victim, however, was withheld.

This is horseracing.


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  1. How can anybody in their right mind watch this blatant animal abuse, cruelty, and/or dying and not be repulsed?
    The same old arguments coming from the apologists “……but I take care of my horse.” Yea right.
    I’ve been around this business too long to know that you are either an abuser or enabler of the abuse if you are involved with this business.
    Furthermore, let’s just accept the delusional argument that this one person claims to take care of their horses.
    Well, why in the hell don’t you care about all the other horses around you being abused, dying and sent to kill auctions?
    Just like the fire at the San Luis Rey Downs training center in California.
    The industry cried out loud for donations, hailed their “heroes” who went in to let horses out of their stalls, and made sure the entire world knew about their miserable plight and how concerned they were about the horses.
    Yet, they watch racehorse after racehorse get maimed and die daily on tracks.
    They sit there and watch this carnage, but that’s okay though, but horses dying from fire?
    Well, that calls for a donation haul.
    Absolute bunch of delusional parasitic scums.
    As for the apologist, and provider of facilities where racehorses are dying – Frank Stronach?
    He ensures that his wagering coffers are filled,has supposed policies in place to mask the names of the racehorses dying on his tracks, and according to an ex-employee has track announcers sign non-disclosure contracts that focus on the race not on a racehorse dying in the dirt – pathetic person.
    I will not spare words for the apologists of this vile industry.

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