“Tragically Suffered Catastrophic Injury”

The Equibase account of the 6th at Parx yesterday: “GREED IS GOOD tragically suffered a catastrophic injury to his left front about thirty yards from the finish. GREED IS GOOD’S momentum allowed him to cross the wire, he was pulled up quickly and he was euthanized on the track.”

“Momentum allowed him to cross the wire” after breaking down. Imagine that.

Greed Is Good was six and this was his 43rd time under the whip. A cheap claimer ($5,000), on three separate occasions this year he was raced twice in a week’s time. Just another disposable asset, disposed of.

Also, the most recent minutes at Santa Anita reveal two “fatalities” for the week September 24-September 30. Identities withheld.

Dead horses every day – this is horseracing.


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  1. PATRICIA FARRO – owner and trainer of Greed Is Good has made a career out of killing racehorses.
    She has a trail of dead racehorses behind her name, and Greed Is Good is just another victim.
    She has strong tires with the PA horseman’s group AKA HBPA – need I say more?
    Since the HBPA controls most of the wagering, via the Interstate Wagering Act, it’s in their best interest to fill races and increase wagering profits.
    In order to do this, they usually defend the doping and the multiple drug violating trainers who usually have multiple racehorses die under their “care.”
    The HBPA often reveres these trainers:
    The HBPA ensured the policy that pays every horse in the race to increase fields and wagering, which we know exacerbates the ongoing abuse of racehorses who often end up dying in the dirt.
    The HBPA is just another group of parasites like they all are, and they support parasites like Patricia Farro.

  2. Patricia Farro is a low life blood sucking leech who has a consistent pattern of buying or claiming “warriors” with back class who have won tremendous amounts of money and then runs them into the ground.
    Most end up running in the lowest level claiming as they continue their decline in this racehorse abusers hands.
    When she doesn’t run them into the ground they disappear off the radar after she, most likely, is done maiming them – a real good trainer according to industry standards fully supported by the HBPA.
    Most all racehorses listed here won over $100,000 for this scum bag only to be run into the ground, maimed, dropped dead, get claimed, or died in the dirt.
    Unfortunately for the horses, this trainers is one of many.
    I knew of somebody who worked in her racing stable who described it as a “horror” show.
    This was a seasoned veteran, and this is all going on at a publicly-funded facility that gets millions from some form of taxpayers money disguised under corporate welfare.
    I bet if you ask her where in the hell are even 5 of her hundreds of racehorses that she abused she wouldn’t know and wouldn’t care because she’s onto her next victims.
    This is the truth behind this vile business, and the vile people in it.

  3. Again, we MUST STOP participating every which way in this HORRIFIC, UNCONSCIONABLY CRUEL INDUSTRY — otherwise, these callous “business” people will continue their exploitation and abuse UNLESS laws come into play and their ENFORCEMENT — until then, let’s continue to clamor and inform the world of this industry’s depraved indifferent to the well-being of horses.

  4. The ongoing cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment of racehorses perpetrated by racehorse trainer Patricia Farro continues unabated.
    They all matter, but I’ve singled out a few:
    PAX IN TERRA made over $200,000 and started his precipitous decline into the claiming ranks and into the hands of a racehorse abuser. Is now running for $5000 being, most likely, continually injected, doped, and perhaps shock wave therapy to keep him going. In the last race, he was repeatedly beaten/whipped. That’s the thanks he gets for making over $200,000 and probably generating much more in wagering profits since he would often go off as the favorite.
    RED RAZZO – abuse to the max, made over $480,000 and is still being run and abused. Not even $400,000 is enough to secure a soft landing, for the abuse to cease, and for him to get that grassy paddock that he’s run his ass-off for while this racehorse abuser continues to exploit him,
    GRANDPA LEN – a sad story like most of them. Made over $330,000 in his glory days, still abusing him at 9 years old! His history is more telling as he was flipped by Gainesway Farm (who claim to “love” racehorses) as a yearling for $62,000, and subsequently as a 2 year-old-in-training sale for $150,000 before he even got to the track where he consistently performed to make over $300,000 and is lucky to get a flake of hay at the end of the day. His story is not unlike most of them as his debut was at the prestigious (according to industry standards) Saratoga. Well, this track claims to just “love” racehorses, but where in the hell are they when warriors like Grandpa Len fits the category of the walking dead? Like so many racehorses that start their illustrious abusive “career” at Saratoga end up running for a flake of hay and for any buyer who wants to continue the abuse, unabated, with no neutral oversight, with no disclosure of, what should be, public doping/vet records.
    I can’t wait until this track closes down and all the cruelty, abuse, and dying can shut down with it.
    It’s important to note than many of Ms. Farro’s owners are stable names and not the actual names of the individual owners, which is a strong indication of her direct involvement with the HBPA and/or racing commissions who perhaps lavish racehorses on her knowing that she will carry on the abuse unabated.
    A sick, demented, masochistic racehorse abuser and cruelty master whose delusional mentality knows no limits, and has a group of people behind her supporting this vile monster.

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