Chronically Cruel Jockey (32 Straight Lashes to One of His Victims) Gets Wrist Slapped in California

From the most recent minutes at Los Alamitos:

September 14: “Jockey Marcial Ramirez failed to appear for this film review ordered. The Stewards wished to observe his ride aboard Foose Dependent on September 9. …Jockey Ramirez used his riding crop 32 consecutive times. Marcial Ramirez has been issued penalties 31 times by California stewards for violation of Use of Riding Crop dating back to July 2015.” Ruling: “Ramirez is suspended for five racing days for a blatant violation of Use of Riding Crop – more than three times in succession without giving the horse a chance to respond.” Five days for 29 excess lashes.

Wait, there’s more. On the same day he was handed his “punishment” for the above (which, obviously, did not take effect right away), Ramirez was at it again: “We determined that Jockey Ramirez used his riding crop more than three consecutive times [on] Scott For Her.” Again, he cut film study; in absentia, he was fined $250.

And, yes, more. The very next day, after being handed a suspension for one incident and a fine for another, Ramirez abused yet another horse, Classncoronas. For this, the stewards issued two more suspensions: excess whipping, three days; “careless riding,” three days – “The Stewards felt Jockey Ramirez was more concerned with using his riding crop then [sic] straightening out his mount with the riding reins.”

All told, for being a willful, habitual reprobate, Marcial Ramirez is suspended for 11 days and fined $250. But it gets worse: Each of the three suspensions carried this appendage: “The term of this suspension shall not prohibit participation in designated races in California.” What, you may ask, is a “designated race”? Well, anything the stewards say it is. In other words, a suspended jockey can still race if the stewards want or need him to. Worse still, if he is cleared to ride in only one “designated” race on a “suspension” day, that day counts toward his suspension. Imagine that. This would all be farcical if not for the gravity – cruelty to animals – involved.


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  1. Shame on the stewards at Los Alamitos who seem to think that it’s okay for a jockey to brutally and mercilessly whip a horse 32 consecutive times when they merely slap this jockey’s wrists.
    A blatant act of animal cruelty and this is how the racing industry deals with it.
    MARCIAL RAMINEZ should be dragged before the courts, be convicted of animal cruelty and locked up in jail.

    • Your logical common sense of punishment for this outlaw jockey Ramirez in california,is delusional and naive at best.It’s never going to happen.It would open a whole can of worms one admission of wrong will lead to others and the last thing they want is to shine a light on this filth and corruption.You have to realize the courts,politicians,law enforcement and racing are all in the same sewer.Not a thing will be done as you suggested.If you or anyone else want to try to make a difference,the only way to even make a crack in the problem,do a little research,find out individual names of owners of the horses that you felt were abused and let’s start naming names of the so called innocent people,hiding behind the filthy trainers they hide behind.NAME THE OWNERS—-IT WORKS! I you care enough to complain about the abuse,I’m giving you a solution to the problem,go get ’em

  2. I think the owners and trainers of the horses abused by Ramirez should also be held accountable for knowingly employing a jockey who they know will abuse their horse. They are all in this together. Do they care about the welfare of these horses? Obviously not.

  3. Agree, Jean. It’s commonplace for trainers and owners to issue whipping instructions to the jockeys.
    And it’s not unusual for connections to pay the jockeys’ fines.

  4. This is one of the many ways horses are horribly abused. The race horse industry breeds cripples.The horses either die from being run to death, crippled from being run too young on the track and all are put under the whip. The horses that are too slow to win are generally sent to the auction and bought by kill buyers for slaughter in Canada or Mexico. Amish people have no mercy on a horse. Rodeo horses are used until they become lame or old and then what? They almost all go for slaughter. If you think slaughter is humane, look up horse slaughter videos on the internet. See the undercover footage of the horrendous ways they die. Ranchers use horses in Montana until they are about 15 years old and even though those horses have served them faithfully all those years they “can” them (slaughter). The Bar S Feed Lot is located in Mt and is a collecting station for slaughter bound horses. Bottom line is NO ONE CARES and money is the only thing most people think about. I am an animal abuse investigator in Montana and believe you me NOTHING SUFFERS MORE THAN A HORSE!!

  5. Blatant cruel, and inhumane treatment of a racehorse, which is legitimized by this industry.
    Wait there’s more.
    It became blatantly obvious to me, as an owner/trainer, that the entire racing commission and stewards own racehorses under “hidden ownership” or syndicate groups.
    It’s the hen guarding the hen house, and no neutral group is providing oversight for these poor racehorses who are getting publicly beaten.
    In any other setting, the person would be charged, and jailed, but not this vile business.
    How can anybody continue to participate/support this business just based on this one thing alone?
    Furthermore, I repeatedly witnessed owners via trainers give direct instructions to “spank them good, get the win for me.”
    I’m telling you every single apologist is either an abuser or enabler of the abuse.
    This is the truth behind the fancy hat facade and people need to get together and shut these hell holes down.

  6. If this is a punishment it’s no surprise this heinous cruelty goes on! Make a punishment mean something! Better still ban the whole rotten business! Stop breeding beautiful horses to use and dispose of as it suits you!- Bet on some thing which has nothing to do with animals – if you can’t stop gambling.

  7. Due to their strict training & severe protocols, RACE HORSES suffer from the very beginning — this industry is cruel, depravedly indifferent to the horses’ well-being & quality of life, irrational, unconscionable, merciless — in brief, the horses are the last to be considered — as if they were stuffed animals — it’s shameful, immoral and cowardly to treat animals in such a way — THE HISTORY OF MANKIND IS CARRIED ON THE BACK OF THE HORSE — ALL HORSES DESERVE TO BE RESPECTED AND PROTECTED NO MATTER WHAT — horses deserve happiness, care and comfort — in brief, horse-racing MUST BE SHUT DOWN once and for all.

  8. Why any punishment at all when they continue to let this jockey ride and abuse horses! Maybe a year or two without a ride, losing money, might make a difference. Also, it’s so sad to hear what terrible abuse ex-racehorses go through after they’re not making money for their owners. Sure, great horses like California Chrome, American Pharoah and Justify are exceptions, they still make money during their retirements. For instance, take Dr. Drip, a former racehorse, people who bought him walked by that great horse everyday and watched him starve and be chewed up by maggots and did nothing to ease his pain. Thank God a rescue group finally took him, tried to save him but to no avail had to put him down. At least Dr. Drip didn’t have to die alone but should not have ever been treated that badly. I certainly hope whoever did that to him is greatly punished, if not, the abuse will continue.

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