The Death of Bobby Abu Dhabi: Broken Leg, Severed Spine, Internal Hemorrhage, Suffocation

When Bobby Abu Dhabi died while training at Del Mar in July, the cause was generally assumed to be of the “sudden cardiac event” variety (because, you know, pubescent animals drop dead of heart failure all the time). Still, the jockey, Victor Espinoza, had his doubts. Speaking to BloodHorse in August, Espinoza said, “I don’t know who came up with the idea the horse had a heart attack. In my mind, he broke his leg. I heard the sound.” And, “[Bobby] just wasn’t 100% going into that work.” Now, definitive word.

BloodHorse, through a Public Records request, obtained Bobby’s necropsy – and it’s ugly. First, a broken leg. Then, a broken spine – in two places, including the neck. Finally, “hemorrhaging around his spinal cord, which caused him to stop breathing…” The CHRB’s Dr. Rick Arthur: “When the horse fractured its ankle – and this is speculation – when the horse fell, he landed on his head, fractured his neck, and when he flipped over on his back, he fractured his sacrum. …The fracture of the neck is the reason the horse died…the spinal cord was severed and the horse died.”

You might remember the TMZ video of the kill – Bobby’s motionless body on the track after, now we know, having suffocated from a broken neck…


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  1. An utterly sickening death for Bobby Abu Dhabi!
    And Bobby is just one of many racehorses suffering excruciatingly painful deaths.
    How can the horseracing industry turn a blind eye to such abhorrent cruelty happening before their very eyes?

  2. An upper level (according to industry standards) stake horse who crumpled to the ground from his musoskeletal system snapping in two – absolutely repulsive!
    BOBBY ABU DHABI – before you died you were an immediate generator of profits for these scoundrels starting with an initial sale of $85,000, and subsequently $335,000 at the 2-year-old in training sale Ocala, FL.
    Like most who die, you were started at just around 1.5 years old, hard pounding most likely, to get you ready for the 2 year-old in training sale.
    The continuous doping, injections and/or shock wave therapy started, probably, at a young age.
    Any issues that started as “minor” were masked with dope and those issues probably continued, and were exacerbated as you were run into the ground.
    Your slave masters – trainer Peter Miller and owner Rockingham Ranch & David Bernsen, most likely, knowingly and determinedly turned you into a pin cushion for a profit of $375,000 in order to break even, but an equine insurance policy was most likely in place.
    All the while, your daily doping/vet records are hidden from the public, lack of transparency to the max, as your connections continue to exploit you all the while knowing that every single step of the way would possibly be your last.
    However, your slave masters had total disregard for your well-being and for your life as you were destined to die.
    Your body laying on the track, crumpled into the dirt while their attempts to appear “caring” dissipate with your last breath.
    Every single investigation, the necropsy, the release of records will, conveniently, exclude the most important pieces of information: the DOPING/VET records because they are a road map to his death, and this industry doesn’t want people to know that.
    How can anybody participate/support this blatant animal cruelty, legitimized horror show, and vile business?
    SHUT DOWN these death traps, hell holes, and this horrific racehorse abuse now.
    Every single one of you apologists are blood sucking, demented, masochistic, delusional parasites.
    The day will come when the racehorses will get their justice you scum bags.

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