Two Horses Collide, Killed at Gulfstream

At Gulfstream yesterday morning, two horses, being trained in the five-o’clock hour (still dark), were killed after an on-track collision. In an attempt to identify the dead, I called Gulfstream; after several transfers, I was ultimately put through to a yet-to-be-set-up mailbox. So, nothing. In any event, I will follow up with a FOIA request.

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  1. The comments that I’ve noted in the Paulick report on article detailing this accident says it all. The cold hearted way in which deaths and maiming of horses are looked upon at the track by too many involved in the business- from “Jack”, who commented “Grow up, Things happen”. And from “Gary Oliver” – “A horse dies and you people lose your minds over it”. There are more, and all because a poor soul named “Bella” dared to voice her concern and sadness over horses being euthanized. They put her down and called her names. Well, Bella – if you are reading this – Thank YOU! Someone has to be a voice for the poor innocent animals that are suffering at the hands of the heartless that have no conscience!

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