“Pulled up in distress – euthanized” at Charles Town

In the 3rd at Charles Town last night: “CATEGORY TWO gave chase well back, then pulled up in distress past the five-sixteenths pole and was euthanized” (Equibase).

“Pulled Up In Distress” – Dead

Category Two was four years old; ’twas his 7th time under the whip.

This is horseracing.


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  1. There are not enough rotten words in the English dictionary to describe the horrific acts perpetrated on their voiceless, defenseless profit slaves.
    They are all abusers and/or enablers of the abuse – every single one of them.
    Reade Baker a “top” trainer by Woodbine standards, but a blatant racehorse abuser by any other standard is at it again.
    I need to preface this by telling you about Reade Baker – racehorse abuser extraordinaire.
    Reade Baker denies his racehorses hay the last time I checked – I’m not kidding.
    His racehorses are intensely confined, like all other racehorses, in their stalls with NOTHING to chew on NO roughage it’s absolutely horrific.
    Myself as well as many other trainers over the years have repeatedly submitted formal neglect complaints against Woodbine’s “top” trainer to no avail so that should tell any person with half a brain something.
    I will never forget a horse that a former trainer friend of mine claimed at Ft. Erie from Reade Baker back in 2009.
    Since it was a last minute claim he asked me to hot walk the horse, which I did.
    I noticed it started to colic and the vet was immediately summoned.
    We scoped the horse and we found about 1 pound of rubber mat pieces in his stomach obviously from the racehorse being continuously deprived of even the most basic essential need: HAY.
    So probably out of sheer boredom the poor horse chewed whatever he could and his rubber mats were easy game – can’t say I blame him, but the stall walls told a story since the chewing was evident in every single stall in his racing stable when I walked by – racehorses crying out for something, anything to chew on, which is a natural instinct for grazing racehorses as many of us know.
    After the complaints poured into the racing commission (by the way Reade Baker was a top member of the racing commission and is buddies with the stewards – need I say more?) Reade Baker had his vet claim that the racehorses couldn’t have hay due to allergies similar to Bob Baffert giving every single racehorse thyroid medication or Steve Assmusen.
    Now this story reveals a very determined racehorse abuser to actually take the time and money to justify denying racehorses their most basic nutritional requirement not to include the mental insanity that the racehorses were experiencing being confined in their stall with nothing to munch on.
    This is the low life racehorse abuser that Woodbine hails as “great.”
    Another thing, most horse people know that when you deprive a racehorse of its most basic nutritional hay needs they bleed and bleed badly not to mention the ulcers.
    Reade Baker’s dumping ground, like most trainers at Woodbine, is Ft. Erie and poor ROBSON was dumped their yesterday in the 3rd race.
    Finished last and BLED and somebody who was there told me he had blood gushing out of his mouth and nostrils – nice guy this Reade Baker eh?
    However, it’s his history that is equally disturbing – just look at his PP’s – a walking, talking road map of abuse.
    His previous start he DNF, and this emotionally deprived person, Reade Baker, STILL continued on him.
    Again, the secret doping/vet records will protect this racehorse abuser from further scrutiny and on to more.
    SHAME ON YOU READE BAKER and for Woodbine condoning this racehorse abuser.
    This is all taking place while Woodbine is receiving 100 million per year directly from precious taxpayers money to carry on this vile charade – it’s absolutely outrageous and it will end.

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