Kills at Finger Lakes, Gulfstream; Horse “Excessively Whipped While Stopping” at Penn

The fate of Kieran Street in the 8th at Finger Lakes Thursday is yet another exhibit of industry subterfuge. On Equibase, the 3-year-old was a mere “fell at the top of the lane.” Nothing else. In fact, she is dead; in fact, according to the Gaming Commission, she was euthanized on the track – which, of course, the chartwriter surely knew.

I am able to confirm that Dudacity, three, was euthanized after being vanned off in the 1st at Gulfstream September 16.

At Penn yesterday, in addition to two horses requiring ambulances to get off the track, there was this in the 2nd: “MISS SWISHER broke well but quickly stopped after a few jumps, was excessively whipped by his rider as she was stopping…” Miss Swisher is a $4,000 claimer – about as cheap as it gets. In other words, who cares if she “was excessively whipped by his [sic] rider” while stopping? Certainly no one at Penn National: The animal-abuser in question, Julio Hernandez, wielded his whip on five other horses yesterday – four after Miss Swisher. It’s rotten to the core, folks.


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  1. How can any reasonable, empathetic, and compassionate human being continue to participate/support this modern day horror show and bloodbath?
    There is no bottom when it comes to this business and the slimy horse beating jockeys, and their enablers of this horrific animal abuse.
    Patrick, don’t know if you included this:

    Shame on Frank & Belinda Stronach, who own racetracks and wagering companies for their unwavering support and determination to continue supporting the massive suffering of living beings.

  2. whipped to run to their death, gross, cold hearted people; all they think about is greed and money. These poor babies only 3 yrs old and they still hit them even when they are going down with their legs flopping like a wet noodle. I wish the owners, trainers, jockeys and breeders could all feel the pain, hope they get their day.!!!!

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