7-Year-Old Mare Killed at Mountaineer

On the chart (Equibase) for the 6th at Mountaineer Monday, Obscene Britches was said to have “[taken] a bad step, falling near the three eighths pole, vann[ed] off after the race.” In fact, she is dead – euthanized, according to a trusted source, right where she lay. The 7-year-old mare’s track history reads as tragic as her very life.

First raced at four, OB was seemingly taken off the track in November 2016 after a last-place finish at Mountaineer. But then she resurfaced 18 months later; five Mountaineer races followed, all for trainer Jami Poole and owner Louise Poole: May 27, last, 42+ lengths back; June 20, “fractious, broke rank, eased, DNF”; July 24, second-to-last, 32+ lengths back; August 29, 8th of 10, 14+ lengths back; September 24 – dead.

Not coincidentally, Mountaineer is a racino track, meaning it is being artificially propped up by public dollars from casino games, and as is typical for these kinds of tracks, it pays first through last, giving the Pooles every incentive to keep running this poor animal out there, no matter her “ability.” (OB was “earning” about $175 for her “connections” each time out.) Cruel, callous people; cruel, callous industry.

Also – this from the 4th at Zia Monday: “MISS Q WHO…began to drift out a bit under a left-handed whip and was thereupon corrected with right-handed use of the whip, having straightened out, the rider switched again to a left-handed whip in the final strides…vanned off.” Whipped to a “win” – “vanned” away. This is horseracing.


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  1. I pray the”jockeys” die horrible deaths along with breeders trainers and owners. All of you walk in front of a train jump off a building or wait… Turn them loose in an enclosed area and let them be trampled to death by enraged horses. Yup I like that one

  2. Hi. This is Michelle and my FB username is Michelle Punkliciouz. I am writing to find out what is the link to purchase the Horseracing (Horsekilling) Wrongs t shirt to wear at our 3rd protest at Belmont where over 2,000 (or more) horses are killed every year. I would like to put in a big order as my donation to your organization.

    Until Every Animals are Free, Michelle Punkliciouz/FB

    On Thu, Sep 27, 2018, 8:11 AM Horseracing Wrongs wrote:

    > Patrick Battuello posted: “On the chart (Equibase) for the 6th at > Mountaineer Monday, Obscene Britches was said to have “[taken] a bad step, > falling near the three eighths pole, vann[ed] off after the race.” In fact, > she is dead – euthanized, according to a trusted source, right wh” >

  3. 2,000 horses a year would be 5+ horses a day a little exaggeration. Belmont doesn’t kill over 5 horses a day I can guarantee that. Horse racing is not that cruel. A horse may be ran to young once in a while. Anytime an animal 1100 pounds running 30+ miles an hour takes a bad step it will be a bad injury. Most bones arn’t broken but completely shattered. Nearly impossible to fix a lot of times. A horses hoof is vital to circulation. A broken bone is hard to fix because it is hard to keep a horse off its foot to heal. At best about half the weight of the animal will be on the legs still (550) pounds roughly. If a horse gets spooked it is going to try to run away and more than likely have a setback. Laminites often sets in or even if a break is fixed the horse often has pain in the leg. It is also very expensive to fix. Bleeds occur naturally in horses with exercise. Lasix gets rid of excess fluids. It prevents bleeds or greatly reduces them. Its effectiveness weans off the more it is used. Plantar osteochondral disease is commonly found in race horses.

    • As is typical of your ilk, close reading does not appear to be a priority: The 2,000 – which, if anything, is conservative – applies to the industry at large, not just Belmont. As for your Lasix argument, if true that “bleeds occur naturally” in racehorses, that, to anyone who takes the time to think these things through, would simply be a further indictment of this filthy business.

    • Jeremy – shameful that you are blatantly aware of all the abuse, cruelty, suffering, maiming and/or dying yet you defend this?
      You need to check out the post called “Indicting Themselves.”
      You clearly show the pathetic, delusional, and horrific people that continue to support/defend this vile business.

    • “A horse may be ran too young orce in awhile”? Are you kidding? The whole Triple Crown series is based on horses running too young! And what a trail of broken and dead horses that process alone creates! And all tracks have 2 year old races! Which means – those horses in general are started at ONE year old or very early 2 year old to get them ready!

      • Folks, think about a human baby in diapers being forced to run the 100 meter dash on a professional platform!
        That’s pretty much what’s going on here.
        Then take it a step further and think about your baby, somebody else’s baby, snapping their legs off while attempting such a much predicted outcome.
        Oh, and don’t forget the Lasix in your babies veins and all the dope too.
        That’s what’s going on here.
        Please have some empathy, compassion, and to those apologists just step this bloody horror show now.

    • Jeremy, bleeds occur because of pushing the horse to it’s limit and beyond. Pushing a horse to such an extent is NOT natural and therefore the bleeding is NOT natural, as you claim. You also claim “Lasix gets rid of EXCESS fluids” – a healthy horse maintains it’s homoeostasis which includes a normal fluid balance, no excess fluid onboard. Lasix dehydrates the horse and causes electrolyte imbalance.
      From the whipping to the drugs to the stress and much more, there is nothing natural about racing. It destroys the horse.

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