Racing’s Retirement Program (Graphic)

While the following video was made in Australia about the Australian racing industry, make no mistake, this is Horseracing’s retirement program the world over, including, obviously, the U.S. Fair warning: it is distressful and graphic.


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  1. We can all keep posting on here and agonizing. You all MUST do more. Use your social media accounts to get the ugly truth out. I do!. Stop the slaighter!

  2. Public pressure….there are still too many people who are unaware this is going on.There is no glamour in horse racing just the stark reality if the lives they live….treated like royalty loved like family save your lies for the ignorant that will believe this bullshit,regardless of how much you care and love your horse the industry simply does not. it is a money making/gambling buissness this wasnt a sport from the get go and has evolved into a savage cutthroat buissness that takes horses lives and ruins them, no amount of aftercare will ever change this.the horses have no voice and the industry will continue to try and fool the people anyway they can i just wish more people would see the truth it has got to end

  3. I’ve never been ashamed of any job I’ve ever had over the years… Wonder what these assholes say when asked what they do for a living, or what they say to their children, but they should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. The kill auctions, and subsequent slaughterhouses are the main disposal systems for about 90% of racehorses with the other 10% going to breeding sheds for yet another round of abuse at the hands of this vile business.
    Most rational, and compassionate people would immediately stop participating and supporting this business once they experience this horror show.
    Not only do they continue, but they do so even after they directly witness a racehorse (either their own or others) laying in the dirt suffering waiting for the needle – this is outrageous, these people are delusional blood sucking leeches.
    It’s one thing to be ignorant to the facts, but if you don’t walk away from this massive pain, and suffering when you know the truth behind the fancy hat facade, even continue to defend it, please go find the nearest mental health professional and get some help.

    • Rose – thanks for letting me know.
      A huge shout out to you Rose and to your network of racehorses rescuers.

  5. Each year, approximately 10,000 and more thoroughbreds are slaughtered. Given that each horse has 12 plus gallons of blood in their systems when they are strung up by their back leg, have their throats slit even while conscious and are bled out.
    Considering these facts, the amount of blood shed each year is an astounding 120,000 gallons.
    That is a whole lot of blood on the hands of the racing industry.

    • …and that’s the blood shed on the slaughterhouse floor, but there’s a whole lot of blood spurting out of them when they are maimed and/or killed in many cases like Bobby Abu Dhabi to name just one.
      His poor crumbled body sawed in half laying there in the dirt for all apologists to see and yet they continue.
      They are all disgusting blood sucking leeches.
      This is a modern day horror show and it must stop.

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