Two Killed in Same Iowa Race

The Iowa Racing Commission has confirmed that two horses involved in a “spill” in the 4th at Prairie Sunday are dead – “euthanized due to [their] injuries.” The victims: 5-year-old Cruzin Wrangler, 4-year-old Justa Minyun. It’s worth noting that according to the chart, only one of the two was “vanned off,” leaving me to wonder whether the other was compelled to “walk” as a matter of practicality. In any event, that’s two animals killed simultaneously – for gambling. Iowans, are you not better than this?

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  1. Humans are the scrourge of the Earth. Dispucable creatures. I hope we all go extinct. May all envolved in any way with animal deaths rot in HELL

  2. I bet that they only had one equine ambulance, which is why the other had to suffer more.
    On small tracks and meets like this it’s even difficult to get and maintain a good equine ambulance because, usually, the track doesn’t want to spend the money.
    Yet, they have no problem collecting the $2 bets that are pimped off the lives of non-consenting profit slaves.
    VILE and so are the people in this – every single one of them.

  3. I was actually at this race and saw it happen. I happened upon this website because I was searching for information about the status of Cruzin Wrangler. Justa Minyun did bounce up after the crash and walked on it’s own after the jockey was thrown. I was surprised to see that both horses were put down. Anyway, after seeing something like that in person I will not bet on horse racing again. I was actually surprised to see on this website the number of horses that are put down each year. Please keep educating the public!

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