Life Gets Worse for Lethal Lil Lady, Smiling Charlie

Two days ago, I posted about the ongoing abuse of two horses, Lethal Lil Lady and Smiling Charlie. It has gotten worse.

Lethal Lil Lady was raced again, yesterday at Delaware, and once again she finished last (15 lengths back). As her torture continues, her miscreant master, Bassam Captan, goes on cashing checks. And there’s no end in sight: Lethal Lil Lady is slated to go under the whip for the 81st time – this Sunday at Monmouth, on two days rest. Share your outrage: Monmouth Park; New Jersey Racing Commission.

After being raced on September 2 at Sweetwater, Smiling Charlie was sold (or transferred) to a new set of abusers, John Ness and Stan Brewer Jr, vanned to a different state (Idaho), and raced at Black Foot – the very next day. He, too, is scheduled to be raced again on Sunday – back at Sweetwater in Wyoming. I am almost without words. Wyoming Horse Racing.


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  1. There are simply no words to describes the abuse of these two horses but it happens all the time in horseracing. For those that do care about these victims, please encourage family and friends not to bet on the horses. If they happen to be gamblers, encourage them to do what Pete Rose did….bet on baseball instead.

  2. I am constantly appalled by the depths people will sink to for money and gambling. Gambling is supposed to be an illness- well, I wish you would get these greedy abusers and get them well away from horses. Give them something which causes no distress to waste their money on-and nothing to do with animals.

  3. Patrick — will be sharing my outrage at the two listed above — Monmouth Park AND NJ Racing Commission //// also for Smiling Charlie @ Wyoming Horse Racing. ——— wouldn’t it be wonderful if, during the stillness of the night, we would swoop in and scoop up these two horses and take them to a Horse Sanctuary where finally they lead normal lives …

  4. I wrote to them yesterday and here are two responses.

    Dear Ms. Travers:

    This will acknowledge receipt of your email concerning the number of entries for the horse “Lethal Lil Lady” at Monmouth Park Racetrack.

    Please be advised that I have forwarded your inquiry to the State Steward for thoroughbred racing and asked that he review this matter. After I have received a report on his findings, I will again contact you.


    Judith A. Nason
    Acting Executive Director

    and on Smiling Charlie:

    Thank you for your concern. I have forwarded your email to the Racing Commission, my Racing Office, the Stewards and State Vet. I will discuss the situation with them later today.

    Eugene Joyce

  5. A bittersweet moment when Lethal Lil Lady is scratched – she lives for yet another day for these vile monsters to perpetuate more pain, and suffering on this poor mare.
    Saved for today, but what about tomorrow?
    Her horrific abuse will end if she’s lucky enough to make it out alive plus get a forever, caring home, which is almost impossible today.
    Obvious that her most recent slave masters will probably won’t provide for her after they’ve squeezed the lemon dry.
    This mare is 9 years old!!
    What a disgusting shame that people like this walk among us.

  6. Racing provides the venue and the incentives for horse abuse.
    The lack of any rules to prevent even extreme over working a horse, as well as paying through last place finish, certainly encourages running tired unsound horses using blocking injections and god only knows what other drugs and methods. The game blatantly and knowingly plays Russian roulette with the life of the horse and jockey.
    The following shows how officials doge any responsibility: I called the chief steward at Gulfstream concerning the overworking of a filly, Jill’s Reflection. His answer was that while the number of starts was “a lot” it was not “unusual”!!! And in order to absolve himself and all officials, he said the number of starts was left up to the trainer. However, that is patently false, not just because of the passive incentives, but because if the track decides a trainer is not running his horses often enough, or refuses to enter a horse to fill a race card, he definitely will suffer retribution in the form of stall allotment, etc. How is that leaving the decision of starting the horse up to the trainer ?! It seems these tracks want it both ways. What a sham!

    • Rose, good point, but Gulfstream is owned by Frank Stronach – a progressive breeder, unwavering supporter, and owner of one of the largest wagering firms (XPress Bet) including ownership of wagering on an international scale.
      Need I say more?
      Jill’s Reflection is part of the slavery ring like all of them are.
      They are there to fill races, and increase wagering profits.
      The rest is public fodder.

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