Kills at Del Mar, Louisiana

From The San Diego Union-Tribune: “In a meet that has been notably safe for the horses, Del Mar lost its third thoroughbred when 2-year-old filly Mz Brown suffered what appeared to be a left leg injury in the seventh race. The horse was injured yards before the finish line, and [the jockey] immediately dismounted and held her leg up. Behind a screen, Mz Brown was led onto the equine ambulance and later euthanized.”

“Notably safe for the horses”: Through the August 19 Stewards Minutes, I count five (not the three cited in the article) dead horses at “cool as ever” Del Mar:

Bobby Abu Dhabi, July 22, training
Irish Spring, August 4, race 10
unidentified, August 8-August 12
unidentified, August 8-August 12
Mz Brown, September 2, race 7

In stark contrast to being reported in a major newspaper, the death of another racehorse, at Louisiana Downs, garnered but a single line in the Equibase chart notes: “DAZZLIN TOM…gave way just before the wire and was euthanized.” This can be explained, in part, by the fact that the 3-year-old gelding was being run in $5,000 claiming – “maiden,” at that – races and had finished a cumulative 45 lengths back in his previous (and only other) three starts, “earning” exactly zero dollars along the way.

This is horseracing.


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  1. There is nothing but constant glorification from the media of how totally “cool” you are to go to the races. Let’s gloss over the fact that a beautiful ,innocent animal died for your entertainment. May you all rot in Hell.

  2. yes, should be a crime for any enhancing drugs detected, and a law requirement for horse race owners to medically rehabilitate survivable injuries rather than euthanasia.

  3. having been trained and working as a show jumper in my late teens, and being confronted with the mal treatment of many of the horses by their owners (in Europe), I can only imagine how this is when there is so much more money involved in the big ticket races. If owners are unwilling to make sure horses, unfit for racing, get a decent after life, whether out in the fileds for retirement with other horses, or when young, working in different fields of riding. Many ex race horses make great leisure companions.

  4. DEATH MAR AKA Del Mar should be shut down – end of story.
    First of all, it’s conducted on taxpayer funded property so it’s going to take the residents of California to ensure that this cruelty and death pit is shut down.
    It’s certainly not “cool as ever,” nor is it “family entertainment.”
    Shame on any parent who brings their children to this venue risking emotional damage to their life.
    Secondly, the council approves or disapproves whether Del Mar should run so it’s going to take people banging on their doors and insisting that this track meet no longer takes place on taxpayer funded properties.
    Finally, demand more family friendly venues that don’t include the exploitation of racehorses and the dying that is inherent to this vile industry.
    So sorry for all of you – Mz Brown was ONLY 2 years old!!!
    Disgusting and shameful.

  5. Well when their not killing them they are abusing them – severely.
    Perusing some of the Equibase charts over the weekend it was clearly evident that this is an abusive freak show that has no place in the 21st century.
    I’m referring to the repeated, excessive whipping/beating going on at every track at every level.
    It’s absolutely sickening that these pathetic monsters beat the living crap out of a racehorse just struggling to get through a race that they were forced into.
    For example, Saratoga, Race 3 is a blatant display of racehorse cruelty when STOCK CHAIN had the crap beaten out of him and he’s ONLY 2 years old.
    Just a baby, broke prior to 2, forced into servitude for a bunch of heartless idiots, but that wasn’t enough for these pieces of crap people because he was beaten so hard that he couldn’t finish the race.
    May all of you apologists rot in hell because if there is one – you all belong there.

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