Amplify Killed at Laurel; Two Dead at Del Mar

3-year-old Amplify’s result in the 6th at Laurel yesterday afternoon, as relayed by the Equibase writer: “AMPLIFY…was under a hard ride leaving the far turn, sustained a catastrophic injury near the three sixteenths and was euthanized.”

“was under a hard ride” = was being whipped

“sustained a catastrophic injury” = snapped or shattered a leg

“was euthanized” = was killed

The most recent Stewards Minutes for Del Mar report two “deceased” for the period August 8-August 12 – identities withheld.


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  1. Everyobe who is reading these posts MUST write to elected officials,news stations and write editorials. More of the pyblic MUST be made aware of these murders

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