Los Alamitos: Five Kills in Seven Days

In the August 2-August 5 Stewards Minutes for Los Alamitos, “two equine deaths were reported due to racing injuries.” The identities of the deceased, however, were not released. Los Alamitos can now boast five dead horses in but seven days of racing. Where’s the outrage, California?

Change.org petition to ban horseracing in California


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  1. Signed and shared petition.
    Recently, a commission sanctioned report exposed the Pennsylvania Catholic church (C.C) for supporting the sexual abuse and molestation in children for years.
    So what does this have to do with horse racing?
    Lots because there are distinct patterns of commonality.
    Attorney Mitchell Garabedian, representing some victims for years, said that the C.C went to no lengths to cover this up including redacting the names of the sexual priest predators and or child victims from their reports just like horse racing does especially in California.
    I think that most of us would agree that the two most vulnerable sectors in our society/communities are children and animals.
    Because both are innocent, don’t have voices, can’t speak up for themselves, and are defenseless in the face of these monsters who rape their existence, their being, and even their lives.
    Furthermore, attorney Garabedian said that: “secrecy is the common print,” and so is lack of transparency which the entire horse racing industry is built on.
    For years he followed a maze of cover-ups, priests being moved to another church/state/country and he concluded that this is an “International Criminal Enterprise,” and that these predator priests are “sheep in wolves clothing,” that all have a distinct patterns of grooming their victim, exploiting them, and destroying their life.
    Horse racing does the same thing to their easy victims: the racehorses.
    Both the priest and some of the victims on MNBC state that multiple lawsuits, suing the CC for millions is the ONLY thing that has forced change.
    This has been going on for years, and the CC has only offered lip service that comes in the common phrase:
    “please forgive us, we are so sorry.”
    This is not unlike the endless “industry investigations,” the committees that offer up the same public wallpaper year after year while racehorse after racehorses dies.
    From somebody who grew up in the Catholic religion, went to Catholic schools, and from somebody who grew up in the horse racing industry, put my faith and trust in both: sorry when you all shut down because that’s exactly what needs to happen so that your innocent victims (children and animals) can live in peace.

  2. No horse should be forced to run before post to do anything that harms them this is abuse it has to stop nobody thinks of the animals everything is about money

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