Three Kills in Three Days at Los Alamitos; Witness to One Vows Never to Return

From the California Horse Racing Board for Los Alamitos, July 27-July 29: “Three equine deaths were reported this week [the week in question was three days] due to racing injuries.” Unacceptably, however, no names were disclosed. We know from other sourcing that one was Unusual Kiddy in the 8th July 29; it’s a good bet that, based on the charts, the other two are from this group: Amore Di La Mamma; Provodnikov; Dramatic Angel. Regarding UK, I received the following email:

Dear Patrick,

My name is Laura. I have always been a lover of all creatures, vegetarian since age 4, and highly sensitive to any stories of animal mistreatment. Until last Sunday, I knew almost nothing about the horse racing industry. It has been a very heartbreaking week.

My Dad used to work at a track when he was a teenager, and since we moved to Los Alamitos last year, he has wanted us all to go together to see some races. My life partner and I are expecting, and so we decided to take my parents there for dinner and share our happy news.

The night began innocently enough. We marveled at the beautiful horses, enjoyed our dinner, and laughed as my Mom picked a winner five times in a row. It was down to the final race of the night, and for the first time all night, I did not put my $2 on the horse with the greatest odds stacked against him, Unusual Kiddy.

What happened seconds after the horses left the gate has replayed in my mind hundreds of times this week. Unusual Kiddy tumbling several times before coming to a motionless stop. Ambulances. The winner being called over the speakers, no discussion of the carnage on the track. Watching through my tears. A silent drive home. A sickening feeling of guilt and despair. A sleepless night.

When I called in to the racetrack the next morning, the person who answered the phone was sympathetic to my teary request to know what happened. They called me back within the hour with the awful truth: Unusual Kiddy had broken his neck when he had fallen. He was paralyzed and lost consciousness on the track, was transferred to the ambulance and euthanized.

I have spent the better part of this week reading about horses and horse racing, and sharing this story with whoever would listen. I found your site, and wanted to share this poor animal’s story. Sunday I am going to a rescue sanctuary and sponsoring a racehorse that was saved from shipment to a slaughterhouse. This small intervention does not even dent how helpless I feel.

Thank you for all of your efforts to call attention to the dark side of this industry. I wish I could help save them all. The cruelty of human beings towards animals truly breaks my heart. Please feel free to put this story on your website so that this animal may be remembered.

Laura Snoussi


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  1. Who are the vets at Saratoga raceway? How can they possibly be a part of this horror? Are the horses ever treated for their injuries after being beaten? I seriously have issues with these jockeys. All seem to have names that are should I say “foreign”. Yes I will. Are they legal? Hhhmmm. Oh wait Saratoga welcomes illegals. How nice. There is little value placed on people or animals here let alone in filthy 3rd world countries. Keep the murders coming for a few bucks. That’s what it’s all about. Ignorant stupid humans

  2. I’m so sorry, Laura that you witnessed this horrific incident involving Unusual Kiddy. Your letter has given him the recognition and dignity that he so very much deserves along with all the other horses that have died that Patrick has listed and continues to list on a daily basis.

  3. Cruelty has no borders! Racing rules Are lax to non-existent and cheating it’s the rule not the exception. The nationality of the jockeys it’s irrelevant. They suffer falls and injuries and death when a unsound, ill horse is medicated and forced to run a race. End betting on horse racing; end horse racing.

  4. The entire horse racing industry is based on lack of transparency to the wagering pubic, to the public at large, and many people within the industry itself.
    These secrets are marred with the fancy hat image, “entertainment” banner, and forever grassy paddocks.
    This is all designed to fully exploit the voiceless racehorses, their easy victims, and the labor to generate billions in profit.
    It’s a dirty business, rotten/corrupt to the core, and a source of funding for many politicians (mostly Reps).
    It’s a well protected all boys club network of power, and the racehorses will continue to pay with their lives until it shuts down.
    Thank-you Laura.
    I only wish that all people, like you, would pledge to stop going so that they don’t support this horror show.

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