One Horse Left With Welts; Another Struck 48 Times – Jockeys Have Their Wrists Slapped

Friday, the Minnesota Racing Commission issued the following:

“Commission Vet [observed] riding crop welts on the right flank of Ray’s Angel, winner of the 7th Race at Canterbury Park on July 19; Jockey Denny Velazquez is hereby assessed a civil penalty of $1,500. The Board of Stewards finds Velazquez’ previous history – seventh rule violation in the last three years involving prohibited use of the riding crop – to be an aggravating circumstance necessitating an enhanced penalty.”

WELTS. A history of abuse. A $1500 “civil penalty”? “Enhanced”?

Watch the force Velazquez brings to bear on Ray’s Angel; bluntly speaking, he is beating the hell out of him…

Saturday, the stewards at Prairie Meadows ruled:

“Having reviewed the video replay of the 8th race on August 3…Jockey Ramon Vazquez is hereby assessed an administrative penalty of $1,000 for excessive whipping (48 strikes in the final 3 ½ furlongs) of his horse, Underpressure. The Board notes Jockey Vazquez has had several violations at Prairie Meadows in recent history for excessive or indiscriminate whipping of his horse during a race.”

48 LASHES. A history of abuse. A $1000 “administrative penalty”?

Look, had the domesticated animals in question been pet-dogs instead of racehorses, these actions would have been criminal. (That’s not to say that anything meaningful would have resulted; state animal-cruelty statutes are largely toothless.) But because the law almost always defers to “common industry practice,” there’s nothing to be done. Horseracing has been beating animals – in plain view – for over a century. “Common industry practice.” So, Racing, police yourself. A slap to Velazquez, a slap to Vazquez, and they live to abuse for many more days. Sick.


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  1. I volunteer to beat any jockey with the same whip they used on the horse. The same lashes on bare skin. This must stop now!.

  2. I will join Mary and Christine for a whipping frenzy on these jockeys, but I won’t only whip their flanks I’ll whip their testicles and make them feel the pain that these racehorses feel.
    I can only dream about doing it and not actually do it of course.
    Nevertheless, this is blatant animal cruelty.
    Anybody who participates/supports this hands the racehorse over to these abusers, and executioners.
    They are accessories to these vile acts against a voiceless, defenseless, non-consenting racehorse.
    How can anybody hand over their “family member” to a life of abuse, beating, maiming, and/or dying?
    The answer is clear: these aren’t your family members these are your profit and ego slaves.
    This business has no place in the 21st century and I will celebrate every time a track closes down.

  3. Utterly sickening. I felt physically ill watching this innocent, totally defenceless horse being beaten to a pulp. This jockey should be jailed for this violent act of cruelty upon an animal. BAN the whip. It has been scientifically proven that the horse feels pain when struck with the whip – what more evidence does the racing industry want?

  4. Jockeys are stupid. I feel sorry for the ones who get injured or killed, but they know what the deal is when they take out their license.

  5. Criminal charges need to be brought against these violent monsters.. charge him with animal cruelty!

  6. These jockeys are animals abusers, plain and simple. I believe what they do to the horses should be done to them- maybe 48 lashes to the testicles will get them to change, instead of the useless verbal reprimands and weak-ass fines. What a sad and telling testament to our society that these worthless excuses for human beings can literally beat a horse in front of thousands of people, and all the crowd does is cheer.

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