Video of Del Mar Kills

Video of two recent kills at Del Mar has surfaced. The first, courtesy of TMZ, shows the lifeless body of Bobby Abu Dhabi after he “collapsed” while training July 22. The second, from KGTV, is the unedited replay of Irish Spring’s death in the 10th Saturday.

Regarding the above, Del Mar’s Mac McBride told the station: “I would say it is a little bit unusual for us to lose two horses in this way.” Yes, Mr. McBride, no two deaths are exactly the same, but fatal collapses and mortal collisions are anything but unusual in your line of work. Still, in the grand scheme, what does it matter how they die? To the 27 horses who perished at your track in 2016, the circumstances are wholly irrelevant. They are dead – the same as Bobby Abu Dhabi and Irish Spring.


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  1. If this horror isn’t enough to SHUT DOWN the industry of horse-racing, I don’t know what is — the unconscionable suffering these horses undergo — from DAY #! — not to mention their early deaths, is depraved, indifferent, hateful and immoral — horses, like all of us, WANT to live happy and healthy lives — in order to do so, they need our care and protections. WHEN will the world take this knowledge to mind and heart? — WHEN?!

  2. I don’t know about you, but I do NOT put my animals through such torment — the humans in charge do NOT care a damn about these horses — these horses are MONEY-MAKERS for them — once no more money comes in, the horse is as good as dead — there is NO RESPECT for this magnificent animals — Due to their strict training & severe protocols, these horses suffer from the very beginning — this industry is cruel, depravedly indifferent to the horses’ well-being & quality of life, irrational, unconscionable, merciless … They’re worked to DEATH — 24/7 from the day they’re born, day-in, day-out, they WORK, WORK, WORK for the money-making machine — everyone benefits EXCEPT FOR the horse — our sweet, magnificent horse!

    • Mari, everything you said is absolutely correct. From the minute these horses are born the are enslaved. It is so, so, so terribly heartbreaking… The people in horse racing? MONSTERS ALL OF THEM!!!!

  3. Editing out horses dying on the track is a deceitful act in an attempt to hide it from the public. KGTV and TMZ know that it’s in the interests of the public to be informed. On the other hand, Mac McBride thinks he can play down these deaths and has the audacity to call them “unfortunate” in an attempt to fool the public. He claims that it was the turf track that caused Irish Spring’s death and implied that it wouldn’t have happened on a dirt track. Never have I heard such a ridiculous excuse for yet another horrific incident causing an innocent horse to lose his life in a most sickening way.

  4. Mac McBride SHAME ON YOU and SHAME on anybody who participates/supports this horror and killing show.
    You are all demented, abusive sado-masochistic executioners – EVERY one of you.
    It was heartbreaking to see Bobby Abu Dhabi laying in the dirt dead – absolutely heartbreaking.
    Equally heartbreaking is Irish Spring going down, tumbling, and what appeared to be smashing into the rail.
    The souls of every single racehorses that has died in the dirt for you horrific people will come back to haunt you all of you because racehorses all over this country are screaming for help through their snapped-off legs, cardiac “events,” while needles are being plunged into their jugular veins, and every joint or crevice they can find.
    After their done with the needles out comes the shock wave therapy and subsequently the relentless beatings that render little to no repercussions.
    Their victims are easy to abuse – they are voiceless, they are defenseless and you horrid people continue to exploit them for everything including their own life.
    Del Mar is DEATH MAR and how the government of California and the politicians permit this horror show to continue is pathetic.
    Every single resident of California should show up at that track with Ellen and DEMAND that horse racing shut down in that state.

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