Master Manipulator Dead – 5th Saratoga Victim

Saratoga, perhaps the premier horseracing meet in the entire country, has claimed its fifth victim of the young summer today. Master Manipulator, says the Gaming Commission, “ran loose in barn area, was caught and returned; upon return, [he] collapsed and died.” “Collapsed and died” – at the pubescent age of three. But fret not, say the powers that be, for this ostensibly mysterious death is being “investigated.” Master Manipulator, incidentally, had a “workout” just yesterday.


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  1. For Anyone Interested, A Fund Raiser Has Been Launched In The Dr Drip Case. The Perpetrator Received A Sentence Of One Year Probation For The Horrific Torture Of Dr Drip. The Louisiana Race Horse Died Due To The Severity Of His Injuries. His Death Was Prolonged And Agonizing. An Attorney Has Been Retained, And An Appeal Will Be Filed Over The Lax Sentence Handed Down By Judge Harris. If You Would Like To Join Us In This Effort, Please Go To “Justice For Dr Drip” On Face Book. You Can Donate And Follow The Progress Of The Case. Many Thanks.

  2. I have emailed NYRA. Ha ha like they care. I will continue to expose this horror as much as I’m able. I have emailed the news stations. How dare they keep glorifying these systematic murders!? For a “bet” of a couple dollars thses animals die. For human entertainment. Hell must be getting pretty full with all the monsters that perpetrate these crimes.

  3. End horse killing. Thats what it is. No regard for horses. There will be no investigation disclosed to public . Horseracing buys and sells, Drugs, Lasix on raceday loses 25 lbs so can run at lighter wght.. No wonder they die. Whipped = pain. Forced to run until they die in the dirt for your 2 dollars and 2 minutes of entertainment and owner/trainers bank acct. Then they are tossed to auction = kill pen… Waiting for a gruesome death. Thank you horseracing. family. You can lovw horses . You can love horseracing. But you can’t do both. Wake up to this death sentence..

  4. Master Manipulator yet another victim of this vile business.
    Purchased for $360,000 equine insurance policy most likely active at the time of his death.
    Owned by Calumet Farm whose famous horse Alydar was murdered for equine insurance money according to this Texas Monthly article:
    It’s a great article if you can find the time to read it.
    It’s important to note that Calumet Farm is currently under different ownership.
    There are so many horrific truths about this vile industry that comes out in this article, but former farm employees describes Alydar as becoming increasingly hostile as his broodmare rooster increased every year to about 300 trips to the breeding shed if you can imagine that.
    In fact, Alydar was so sour to breed they had to rub the vaginal juice from mares in heat into his nose in their attempts to arouse him.
    I suppose this is their idea of taking care of “family members” right??
    What’s really needed into the death of Master Manipulator is a NEUTRAL investigation not an insider one which almost always occurs.

  5. Exactly WHAT KIND OF WORLD DO WE LIVE IN that all of these HORRIFIC HORSE deaths occur on such a regular basis????? It’s absolutely shocking to me that SO MANY PEOPLE are involved in the abuse and death of these horses. Were these people all born without a soul or did they just sell their souls to the devil somewhere along the way to make more money in horse racing? I am reaching the point where I am almost unable to bear reading these posts any longer, but I feel it is necessary to do so to keep me ANGRY ENOUGH so that I will keep working on my plans to expose this vile, despicable “sport” — right, they call it a sport — the same kind of “sport” they practiced in ancient Rome in the Colosseum, where in 100 days, approximately 9,000 animals killed for the sake of their “sport”.

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