Irish Spring Killed in “Horrific Accident” at Del Mar

Irish Spring was killed at Del Mar yesterday in what The San Diego Union-Tribune called a “horrific accident” – apparently so horrific that euthanasia was not required. Dead on the spot. Imagine that. And imagine we will have to, for Del Mar has conspicuously excised the ugliness from its official replay.

Adding insult to kill, the Del Mar Twitter account extended “deepest sympathies to the connections,” which prompted this from an apologist: “…so very sorry for your loss. Enjoy your wings in God’s Racing Stable Irish Spring.”

“Enjoy your wings in God’s Racing Stable” – positively contemptible.

Also, the NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the death – after “appearing in distress” – of Maddie’s Revenge in the 2nd at Finger Lakes Monday. She was six.


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  1. Yet a nother planned murder. People are the most despicable creatures. Animals are nothing but slaves to human greed

  2. Horrific, egregious perpetuated murdering acts on non-consenting, voiceless animals.
    Anybody who participates and supports this qualify for executioners.
    I just can’t, in all consciousness, make this post short.
    Let’s start with Irish Spring – sorry for you.
    Irish Spring has both a sales and race history that strongly indicates something was seriously wrong, but nobody will every know because the doping/vet records are kept secret, and it’s clear (via reputable peer reviewed equine vet studies) that they are a predominant contributing factor to racehorses dying.
    If they cared the secret doping/vet records would follow the horse from the time of purchase/breeding, in-training, pre-race, during the race and after their “career” if they make it out alive.
    Back in 2005, I strongly urged powerful members of this industry to implement a MICROCHIP program.
    You would think that I asked them to cut-off their limbs!
    The reaction was swift and they would have NO PART of microchips and then I realized why.
    They don’t want to know what’s going on with the horse and they want to ensure that the wagering public and the caring horse loving public at large is not exposed to this information.
    If they were, there would be tangible evidence proving that the majority of racehorses running are unsound and unsafe resulting in maiming and/or dying of racehorses.
    Furthermore, owners/trainers/commission could become legally liable because paperwork is evidence, and they don’t want that evidence being exposed.
    So much for “caring” about their “family members” right?
    BITTER RING HOME (BRH) – so sorry for you.
    This gelding DNF’d in the same Race #10 at Del Mar – broke down beside Irish Spring – status unknown.
    I suppose we now have a 2 for 1 scenario now right?
    “Royally-bred” by industry standards with a trainer that is on my HIGH SUSPICIOUS list: Neil D. Drysdale.
    On a previous post I mentioned a killing pattern which involves a horse being bought for 6-figures ( in this case BRH sold for $160,000 equine insurance policy most likely in place), they usually don’t perform in the first 2 races (in this case finished 8th and 11th respectively), and most equine insurance policies give a 3 to 6 race starts chance before the policy is downgraded. The informal records I’ve been keeping consistently shows a horse dying in the 3rd start or dying during training hours after about 3 bad starts BEFORE the policy is downgraded and most certainly ensures a payout of the purchase price.
    BRH falls into my high suspicious categories and Neil Drysdale has a trail of DEAD racehorses under his belt.
    He also has multiple racehorses that have died under his “care” that have come over from Great Britain.
    More often than not they fall into the pattern that I’ve been keeping under informal records.
    Many of his racehorses that have died all fall under a highly suspicious pattern.
    You can call me crazy, but something here is not kosher, and even if I’m wrong nobody can dispute that racehorses are dying for this vile business.

  3. Follow-up to this horrific public killing show.
    All pro-horse racing publications are claiming that Irish Spring clipped heels.
    It’s possible, but because they took out the segment of the video replay that could confirm whether this is true it’s disputable.
    I’ve noticed that, as of late, there are many racehorses going down in the dirt with pro-horse racing publications claiming that they “clipped heels,” taking away the ugliness of a racehorse snapping its leg-off.
    It could be a scenario where the racehorse snaps its leg, than clips heels on the way down – a snide tricky partial truth that only this vile industry could think of.
    Nevertheless, their intentional elimination and editing out of the segment that could determine what exactly happened is highly suspicious.
    Make no doubt about it, both Irish Spring and Bitter Ring Home are victims of this horrific business.

  4. To add to the nastiness of this Incident – the jockey agent for Asa Espinoza is upset that his jockey is receiving a 10- day suspension over causing this horrific wreck. He feels that because his jockey is an apprentice – “how is keeping him off the turf going to help him learn?” What a thought. He caused a heart- breaking and horrific incident that killed a horse, landed 2 other jockeys in the hospital, and the surviving horse may end up having physical and mental issues for the rest of his life over this. And yet the agent is concerned that his jockey has the opportunity to keep learning. These are the skewed priorities in horse racing.

  5. Could it possibly be this guy is not fit to be a jockey because he is reckless, stupid or a host of other reasons. Maybe he should “learn” in some other line of work where he can’t cause such havoc !

  6. It was like watching the Twilight Zone… minute Irish Spring and Bitter Ring Home are in the race, and the next moment they no longer exist. Why/how is it even legal that the tape is ‘doctored’….Irish Spring died on the spot, but no one has said what happened to Bitter Ring Home. Breaks my heart that these beautiful animals are treated like so much garbage, and so angry that this continues day after day, race after race. Again, thanks to Patrick Battuello for all his hard and mentally challenging work he continues to do. Wish more people would read this blog and pass it on. The more people learn about the abuse/deaths of all these horses, the more will stop giving their money to these monsters. Put your money in the slots, instead!

  7. They completely edited out the part that would have determined exactly what happened.
    The “clipped heels” explanation, put out by the industry, can’t be determined with no complete replay tape.
    Aussie Fox (AF) appeared to suddenly drift into the rail, but this action is not fully complete because they edited it out.
    Upon review of AF last 5 starts something was not right with the horse because it was a non-performer for whatever reason.
    Given these facts, it’s highly possible that Aussie Fox was sore and sore/unsafe racehorses usually slow down in the stretch or will drift in or out to take weight off their sore limb.
    Furthermore, AF was very reluctant to switch leads unto his right leg and it appears that when he did actually switch he immediately shifted into the rail – another indication that he was sore/unsound most likely on his right limb.
    Of course the secret doping/vet records would clearly determine what was wrong with the horse, but trainer Carla Gaines (whose had many racehorses die under her “care.”) will ensure, in conjunction with the owner, that these doping records are not released.
    If the owners of Irish Spring were to sue the owners of Aussie Fox then they would have complete access to the vet records during the discovery process.
    Unfortunately, most owners go silent when things like this happen and very few pursue this avenue knowing that they have additional horses in training and may be concerned with the repercussions of such actions.
    So by putting the spotlight on the jockey the core reasons as to why racehorses do what they do gets completely overlooked – just the way they want it.
    So I don’t only blame the jockey because horse racing is an entire system of legitimized animal cruelty with the supporting structures, the enablers of the abuse, playing an equal role in racehorses dying.
    This is precisely why it needs to shut down.

  8. Thank you, Gina Powell, for keeping such good records. I’m curious as to how long you have been following this despicable ‘sport’ and keeping track of the horse deaths? I only RECENTLY discovered and every day another story makes me sick, literally. Alexander Nevzorov says that the horse’s primary misfortune is his association with man, and I COULDN’T AGREE MORE. This horse racing and horse breeding MUST STOP, but I wonder if it will EVER be possible to accomplish this goal because money is more important to these people than anything else in the world. They obviously have no moral conscience and they are hypocrites, every one of them in the business. Every time I read or hear that they “love their horses” I want to become a murderer, and it would be for a good cause! But there are just too many of these vile people to even consider it a possibility.

  9. How cruel are these owners and jockeys only interested in saving their butts and their greedily and cruelty laden money. Overbred, over worked most horses do Not enjoy this harmful sport. Put an end to this cruel and empty glory. I once watched, but one horrible death was the end of my interest. There is no justice in this world for the rich and famous, BUT there is in the next. God created all out of love, for love and to be loved.


    Irish Spring was a beautiful 3-year-old bay colt (brown male) horse. Until he tragically died from injuries sustained during a cruel horse race at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, in California.

    Sign the petition to end horse racing at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club for good!

    Irish Spring was a beautiful 3-year-old bay colt (brown male) horse. Until he tragically died from injuries sustained during a cruel horse race at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, in California.

    Irish Spring went down during a race and took another horse and jockey down with him. It’s not clear what exactly happened. But we do know that these horses are pushed to and beyond their physical limits, all for sport. Not only that, but a lot of people are making a great deal of money off the backs of horses like Irish Spring. They are beat to go faster and harder than they should.

    It’s cruel the way the horse racing industry uses and abused these animals. They are often injured or killed while being forced to race. And often humans are injured or killed in the process. The whole thing is just gross and dangerous and barbaric. We really shouldn’t allow this kind of thing in civil society.

    In fact, another horse died on this very track just two weeks before Irish Spring. Bobby Abu Dabi died after jockey Victor Espinoza fell during a workout at Del Mar.

    Please sign my petition asking the California Horse Racing Board to shut down racing at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.

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