“Cardiac Electrical Interruption” – Two More Dead at Golden Gate

From the California Horse Racing Board:

On July 25, Oso Strong died training at Golden Gate: “cardiac electrical interruption.” “Cardiac electrical interruption” – Oso Strong was three years old, a pubescent.

Four days later, Skidazzle “broke down” while training at that same track. She, also, was three; she was being prepped for her debut.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Each racing season I call,email and write letters of protest. It’s all about money. There is no protection for these innocent animals. They’re so replaceable. They have no value as beings. As someone who did rescue for many years and took in 4 abused and neglected horses,I guess I’ve got a lot to say. May everyone involved in this horror meet a similar death. Yeah, I don’t care if anyone gets mad. These animals are dead for entertainment for stupid, foolish, ignorant and greedy humans.

    • Mary Porter, THANK YOU for your TRUTHFUL, heartfelt words….the reason these poor, poor horses are replaceable is because the very same greedy owners of the race horses are also the ones who turn both mares and stallions into SEX SLAVES to produce an ungodly amount of new horses every year, thousands of them ending up at slaughter houses after they are discarded without a thought. Top stallions retired from the race track are forced to “cover” anywhere from 130 to 250 mares a year. And the poor mares — as soon as a foal is born, they are raped again….and again….and again. They never get to recover from any of these births. I TOTALLY agree with you — I hope ALL of these vile people in horse racing meet a similar death that the poor horses suffer on the race track. May I please quote your words in my in-progress book?: “The Shocking Truth About Horse Racing” with the subtitle: ‘There is Documented PROOF that HORRIFIC ABUSE of Horses Sustains the Racing World’. I can credit the words to you or not–up to you. Once finished, I plan to get the book delivered to every race horse owner, trainer, breeder, jockey, and promoter and call them out as villains of animal cruelty! These people need to be publicly shamed in front of the entire world for the abuse and death of horses for the sole purpose of making money.

  2. Cardiac electrical interruption?????…aka
    HEART ATTACK!!! WHY NOT call it what it is???
    UNACCEPTABLE OCCURRENCE !!! As a practicing Registered Professional Nurse most of my adult life, the ‘glossing over’ of what happened to be portrayed as an unexpected surprise just makes the writer complicit in the evil greed that caused the problem in the 1st place. 😠😵😱

    • The horse racing industry invented euphemisms.
      This is one example of many.
      “Urging” is actually beating the crap out of a, most likely, tired/sore horse to increase its performance.
      “Vanned-off” is a great cover-up that actually should say the horse’s limbs were not well enough to carry its own weight.
      The common phrases of treated “royally” actually refers to giving the racehorse a flake of hay, water, oats, and shelter like ALL responsible horse owners should do – nothing “royal” about that.
      “Born to Run” should actually be replaced with “Born to Die.”
      Whether that dying is on the track or or on the slaughterhouse floor where many of them end up.

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