Another Kill at Saratoga – Macho Citizen

In the 5th yesterday at Saratoga, Macho Citizen was “vanned off” and, the Gaming Commission reports, subsequently euthanized. The two-year-old colt is the second kill at hallowed Saratoga this week. By the way, the chartwriter relays that Macho “got put to a strong protective hold and was expertly pulled up,” as if the complicit jockey merits some sort of commendation. Vile. Horseracing.


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  1. The Chronicle newspaper, which prides itself on its transparency, does not cover these horse deaths. The PostStar has six or seven articles on the line up, the track conditions, but does not cover horse deaths. Channel 10 news, parks it’s news team at the track, yet as the deaths take place, it’s as though they are not happening. This is not a free press or journalism. Our news has been censored only telling us what they want us to know.
    Don’t leave out the rest of the story. People are ignorant; enlighten them. If you are a paid off newspaper or tv station, then we have no news that’s true and reliable.

  2. A two year old horse is to young to be on any track. Money is the only thing that matters it seems and no one will stop it

  3. MACHO CITIZEN yet another victim.
    The executioner this time is trainer Bret Calhoun.
    So sorry for M.C.
    Here’s a list focusing on a few trainers that have horrific records of breaking down horses, and never get suspended for being killers.
    This article is written by a once huge racing fan.
    In fact, I used to argue with him on Twitter as he defended the industry – no more.
    Greg is calling it out for what it is:

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