Cadillac Express Killed at Golden Gate

In the latest Stewards Minutes from the California State Fair (Sacramento), 3-year-old Cadillac Express is reported as killed while training at Golden Gate: “bilateral fracture of left fore sesamoid with laceration of fetlock.”

In addition, the Minutes list 16 “scratches” and 18 horses placed on the “Vet’s List” – in just three days. Included in those numbers, 10 for being “sick.” Again, three days.

This is horseracing.


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  1. THE HISTORY OF MANKIND IS CARRIED ON THE BACK OF THE HORSE — ALL HORSES DESERVE TO BE RESPECTED AND PROTECTED NO MATTER WHAT — SHUT DOWN THESE UNCONSCIONABLE, CRUEL TRACKS — you MUST devise another way to make your big bucks — LEAVE THE HORSES ALONE! — Racehorses surely are poorly treated — as if they’re stuffed animals — sometimes resold to another — we MUST get on board and fix this industry by abolishing all of its depraved abuses & sadistic cruelties — these true tales render obscene the common apologist claim of “treated better than you and me.” — for the lives of racehorses are no anomaly — they are the lives of most racehorses, which include — (1) deprivation; — (2) abuse; — (3) suffering; (4) — premature, often painful, death — In order TO END IT: — NO MORE betting, NO MORE attending, NO MORE patronizing racinos — PLEASE, do it for the horses. — THE HISTORY OF MANKIND IS CARRIED ON THE BACK OF THE HORSE — ALL HORSES DESERVE TO BE RESPECTED AND PROTECTED NO MATTER WHAT — IS THIS ASKING TOO MUCH? — I THINK NOT.

  2. Horrible way to end his life – so sorry for Cadillac Express.
    There are 3 things that need to happen for this business to shut down: 1. Stop supporting it. Don’t bet on horses. 2. Write your politicians. Tell them that you don’t want casino profits and/or taxpayers money going to support it. 3. Be a voice for the horses whether it’s on this site, educating people and/or peacefully demonstrating.
    The death lists posted here are the facts, but most all racehorses are considered disposable commodities which is why many of them end up on the slaughterhouse floor.
    These facts can no longer be tucked under their fancy hats or disguised under the “entertainment” banner.

  3. I wrote my State rep regarding running horses when the track are icy at Parx, gave him all the info. He never got back and probably did nothing. He’s up for re-election….

    • Good for you Chris.
      Horse racing is a very strong source of financial support to state politicians especially GOP members.
      Here’s how it works: they ensure that a percentage of casino profits (in the billions) goes to support horse racing and in return they allegedly get a cut from that.
      That’s why they defend this business and keep it going.
      The GOP politicians money relationship with horse racing is not unlike that of the NRA.
      Both involve dying – just the victims are different, and they defend both until the bitter end.

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