Kills – Both Likely Heart-Related – at Delaware, Saratoga

In the 4th at Delaware, says Equibase, My Giant “was being eased when he collapsed in the final sixteenth mile and died of an apparent heart attack.” My Giant was six, an age in which the typical horse is just emerging from puberty. “Apparent heart attack.”

A bit later in the U.S. Racing afternoon, Heartspoke went down in the 6th at Saratoga: “put to an energetic ride [was whipped] right after the start…began to shorten stride a sixteenth down the road, eventually getting swallowed up…appeared in distress spinning into the lane, fell…and was subsequently euthanized.” The Gaming Commission, it should be noted, is for now (the “investigation continues”) calling it a “possible cardiovascular death.” Heartspoke was even younger (four) than My Giant.

(By the way, if indeed Heartspoke was felled by an imploded heart, the New York Racing Association will not count her in its “catastrophic” death ratio, thus keeping its toll artificially depressed. Wake up, America, you’re being hoodwinked.)

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  1. Why aren’t they including Heartspoke as a death statistic?
    She was competing in a race and she DIED.
    In Australia, we include these catastrophic deaths and call them “sudden deaths” and they’re always included in the stats, whether it occurs in a race, trial or trackwork.
    There’s always a cause for cardiac failure and that includes but is not limited to drugs, stress of the high speed exercise in racing and the life of a racehorse. It’s my personal belief that the whipping is also a factor. A living creature can only take so much.
    I cannot imagine the vet scientists who do studies on racehorse deaths not including the sudden deaths as a statistic.
    Yes “possible” cardiovascular- it’s about time the necropsies are made public.

  2. Yes, I agree, Carolyn.
    But as long as racing “answers” to nobody but itself the code of silence, the coverups, the lies, the cheating and cruelty will continue unabated. Hard to believe this is happening in the 21st century.

  3. Take another look at Saratoga—- tucked here in the Adirondacks, Saratoga Springs is populated by thousands from New York City. Channel 10 news actually broadcasts their news at 6 pm from the track. Disgusting! How do we help these horses? It is full of corruption and cover-ups. Sickening.

  4. We were there when Heartspoke collapsed & died right in front of us. It was horrid seeing the vet run to her & after a few minutes seeing the vet quietly walk away with her 1st aid box. They unrolled a huge blue plastic tarp so we couldn’t see, as a truck came and took her away. Words can’t describe how upsetting it was knowing the horse was apparently put down. So very sad. After that we left the track & it will be a long time before frequenting another horse track with the picture of her stumbling, collapsing to the ground & not moving. As we cashed out, the cashier told me it happens more then we know. Rest in peace Heartspoke.

    • Thank you for sharing, but please don’t ever return. See my killed lists at the top of this page. Horseracing is exploitation, cruelty, and death, and that won’t end until people stop going and betting.

    • I would run to her just to stop the killing.Never been arrested,never had a ticket,but if I could just convince her owner to just save he???Money talks,death means nothing.
      I pray for your healing.
      I could never go to a track,despite being a rider knowing the secrets ,crimes of these highly paid,Vets, jockeys,owners.

  5. How many times do these horses have to die of a “heart attack” for people to wake up and grow a pair. How about a heart? Sick MFs.

  6. I was a subscriber to this cause last year,but I stopped receiving the recurring emails regarding the senseless,deaths of these amazing,beautiful,powerful animals.Too much pain…
    Treated like paid prostitutes,these horses, literally,let’s face it.Paid to perform,and murdered like by a maniac’s who have addictions,money,greed,no conscience?
    My God if it was in my own power to stop the Euthanization,I would give my life,as I would for my Service Dog.To witness a young horse die from heart failure.Whose body,mind and soul were stolen by humans makes me sick.
    We have NO Right.
    Tears and love for all you beautiful horses riding through the canyons of Heaven

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