“Escaped From Stall…Died During Overnight Hours”

Livid Luke at Monticello, July 22:

“horse found unresponsive outside Barn A; believed to have escaped from stall and died during overnight hours” (NYS Gaming Commission)

Livid Luke was 12 and was last raced on June 26.

From Equibase’s account of the 3rd at Penn July 19: “NANGLE NATION showed speed two wide, drew out on the final turn, settled into the stretch with a clear lead, then responded to right hand whip by ducking into and through the rail in early stretch.”

“responded to right hand whip by ducking into and through the rail”

Nangle Nation is three; ’twas his second time under the whip.

This is horseracing.


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  1. There is no low in this business.
    LIVID LUKE used and abused for standardbred racing.
    Shame on these cruel, and abusive people for confining a 12 year old horse and making him run.
    NANGLE NATION was worked out on July 14 before his race.
    There were 39 horses worked out on that day and NN came in 36/39 and went 4 furlongs in 52:12 so you know that something is seriously wrong with the horse and they had no business running this horse.
    On another note, Triple Crown winner Justify has been officially retired at the ripe old age of 3.
    His trainer claims that the “filling” in his ankle will not recover soon enough for a 4 year old campaign.
    Justify is worth millions and they won’t risk his multi-million dollar stallion “career.”
    Horse racing people were actually complaining that they will not get to see him run again, but Justify has nothing left to prove to anybody.
    Contrast that to the other 99% of racehorses, especially claimers, who are running for their lives every day because the risk for a buck doesn’t matter and nor does their life.
    This is the vile truth behind this despicable business.

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