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Last week in U.S. Horseracing (Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse only)

Confirmed Killed
Wild Lil Rebel, Louisiana (“pulled up…euthanized”)

“Vanned Off” – many, if not most, will resurface on my year-end FOIA kill-reports
Stay West, Parx (not listed as vanned, but “in apparent distress”)
Jess a Dash to Fame, Albuquerque
Royal Disturbance, Fair Meadows
Don’t Talk Back, Gulfstream (“pulled up in distress”)
Avanzare, Lone Star (“pulled up in distress”)
Sweet Navarro, Lone Star
Riseoneagleswings, Sacramento
Larry Rocks, Arlington
Little Browne Bay, Canterbury
Myfavorite Mistake, Ellis
Lucky’s Pass, Indiana
Im Ur Cutie Pie, Los Alamitos
Bf Nutrageous, Albuquerque
Shy Carmelita, Del Mar
Patriot Song, Ellis
She Walks On Water, Emerald
Alpha Nine, Fair Meadows (“pulled up in distress”)
Run for President, Gillespie (“down after wire”)
Jockey Rocket, Prairie
Joy of Corona, Albuquerque
Star Quest, Arlington
Gavinator, Emerald
Archie’s Revenge, Laurel
I Have No Clue, Ruidoso
Kamila, Ruidoso (“fell past wire”)

“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils” – usually indicates pulmonary hemorrhage
Patron Marvella, Finger Lakes
Wildcat Swag, Albuquerque
Muddle, Thistledown
Nobody Move, Saratoga
Newport Kid, Arapahoe (also vanned off)

(source: Equibase)


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  1. Thank you, Patrick for publishing the names of the horses who have been killed and those who have been seriously injured (removed from the racetrack in an ambulance) the majority of whom were euthanased or subsequently died as a result of their injuries sustained on the racetrack.
    Thank you!

  2. YOU ARE MY HERO, Patrick, for all that you are doing to expose this UTTERLY DESPICABLE “sport of kings” — or — the sport of greedy millionaires and billionaires. We MUST STOP THIS! You are doing a fantastic job of exposing by the numbers, but I am writing a book that will EXPOSE THE NAME OF EVERY RACE HORSE OWNER who is guilty of animal abuse (ALL of them are!!) I plan to CALL THEM OUT and start a MOVEMENT to put these criminals under the microscope to the public to REALLY SEE WHAT RACING HORSES is all about — which you already know, is KILLING HORSES.

  3. Thanks to all the owner Patrick, and all supporters of this blog.
    I’m so happy somebody is writing a book because we need more books exposing this industry.
    So sorry for another list exposing just how vile this industry is.
    I know that there is a wide audience reading this blog, but if there are any people thinking about getting into this business – DON’T!!
    Whatever you do, don’t invest any money in this immoral corruption pit.
    It’s a TOTAL waste of money and racehorse lives not to mention your time.

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