Wild Lil Rebel Killed at Louisiana; Seared Killed at Los Alamitos

In the 7th at Louisiana yesterday, Wild Lil Rebel, according to the Equibase writer, “was pulled up soon after the start and euthanized.” Dead. Wild Lil Rebel was six and this was her 47th race, every single one of them of the “claiming” variety. In other words, she was “For Sale” no less than 47 times. Just like members of the family, right?

In the 8th at Los Alamitos July 8, 4-year-old Seared, says the CHRB, “was vanned off and unfortunately, had to be euthanized.” “Unfortunately.” On the brighter side, in a brief “career” (18 races), Seared “won” almost $70,000 for his masters.

This is horseracing.


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  1. SEARED was owned by the owner of Los Alamitos Racetrack – Ed Allred.
    Ed Allred, 81, has stated in recent articles that the track will most likely be sold to developers.
    It’s just a matter of time.
    Unless somebody from the horse racing industry steps up and buys it by matching the offers of developers.
    That’s remote since they can’t even step-up and rescue their own racehorses that they exploit for profit, maim, and then subsequently dump for the most part.
    Ed Allred has owned many of the racehorses running at his own track with many dropping dead.
    Again, the hens guarding the hen house with no justice for these racehorses.
    I will celebrate the day that this suffering hell hole shuts down once and for all.
    It can’t come soon enough for the horses.

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