Back-To-Back Kills at Laurel – Three There in Two Days

In back-to-back races at Laurel Park yesterday (Equibase):

In the 8th, “MARKEESA, four wide, ranged up to loom boldly in upper stretch, lost her rider after sustaining a catastrophic injury in mid stretch then was euthanized.” Markeesa was two; this was her 3rd time under the whip. In her first two races, she finished second-to-last and last, a combined 25 lengths back.

In the 9th, “AMIGO, four wide the first turn, failed to be a factor, pulled up lame near the eighth pole and was euthanized.” Amigo was seven; this was his 30th time under the whip. In his last four races (prior to this one), he was a “Did Not Finish” twice.

With these two, Laurel has notched three kills in two days (Minor Legend Saturday). How proud they must be. And what of the people in the stands and the others who placed bets across the country? Well, had they not gone or wagered, Laurel could not have held those races; no races, no dead horses this morning. It’s as simple as that. Do the right thing: Stop supporting this wickedness. End horseracing. Now.


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  1. So sorry for yet another bunch of racehorses dying for these despicable people and greedy wagering firms.
    MARKEESA. She was sold at Fasig-Tipton for $4000. This is a strong indication that something was evident on her pre-purchase x-rays, which are a mandatory requirement at sales.
    Otherwise, she would have sold for much more money than that .
    So it’s very possible that she was suffering from the get-go, and certainly her PP’s further indicate this.
    Of course her secret doping/vet records will protect these abusers because they would, more than likely, show an ongoing issue that was being continually medicated to keep her going – going for what??
    Going for a total earnings of $4280. The moral issue is evident, but the economical one is clearly evident. Purchased as a yearling in 2017 or $4000 then continuing to run and train at a cost of $100 per day minimum for 1 year would total approximately $40,000.
    So these apologists are actually paying to maim or kill these racehorses.
    AMIGO. Started out as a “royal” prospect, sold for $155,000, has not performed or very inconsistent so the dumping begins.
    This is a strong indication that something was not right, and the two previous DNF’s solidifies this.
    Poor Amigo was dumped and subsequently changed hands many times which is a huge factor in many racehorses who die because the SECRET doping/vet records DO NOT FOLLOW THEM!!
    So a fracture is not even disclosed, which is a recipe for disaster for racehorses.
    This blatant indifference shows that these apologists don’t care, don’t give a damn about racehorses.
    They only care about what they can get out of them, and when they can no longer give they even take their life.
    So disturbing, and vile.

  2. I pulled up Amigo’s first DNF and just looking at the race itself was sickening.

    It wasn’t only Amigo that DNF’d that day, but two other horses as well: CITY GOLD and WHAT GIVES.
    City Gold is STILL running so we can assume that they will keep abusing him until he drops dead like Amigo.
    WHAT GIVES PP’s demonstrate egregious acts of suffering perpetrated on this poor racehorse
    I was shocked upon review of his PP’s and it takes a lot to shock me.
    His VERY FIRST START at the ripe old age of 2 years old – he DID NOT FINISH.
    You think they would have immediately stopped there, they didn’t.
    Only 6 days after his DNF they ran him back again, his sweat barely dry from his last race!!
    In his last 2 starts back to back DNF.
    This is blatant animal cruelty and the trainer, Jack Fisher, and the owner Andrea Knight should be in jail on Felony Animal Cruelty charges.
    The current status of What Gives is unknown.
    SHUT this legitimized animal cruelty down now.
    Pit bull dogs in the dog fighting ring have more legal protection than racehorses and the abuse is no different just the victims.

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