Minor Legend Killed at Laurel; Chanted Dead at Golden Gate

This, from the 1st at Laurel yesterday afternoon (Equibase): “MINOR LEGEND bore out leaving the turn, pulled up lame in upper stretch and was euthanized.”

“pulled up lame…euthanized”

Minor Legend was six and under the whip for the 44th time. He was also “For Sale” at $5,000 prior to dying. Here he is “pulling up lame,” moments before being euthanized.

The CHRB has disclosed the death of Chanted at Golden Gate July 3: “severe right hind cellulitis; opposite weight bearing foot: severe laminitis.” That’s a lot of “severe.” Chanted was five and had been raced 25 times, most recently June 9.


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  1. VILE.
    Racehorses continue to die for $2 bets.
    The industry focuses on the economy they generate, and the jobs in order to garner unprecedented sums of taxpayers money (Ontario 345 million per year for 12 years, subsequently 100 million per year for 20 years) or diverting billions in casino profits to keep these hell holes going.
    There is no economy worth this horrific racehorse suffering.
    As it stands, most racetracks receive unprecedented sums of taxpayers/casino money, tax breaks, not paying property taxes, not adhering to minimum labor standards, not following common animal cruelty laws, huge environmental polluters, and a whole other hosts of illegal activities including corruption.
    In short, they must exploit racehorses, taxpayers, casinos, labor, and our environment in order to keep this creep show going.
    These tracks could easily be converted into residential/commercial properties that would be a steady revenue stream for government as opposed to wasting billions in precious taxpayers money to keep them going.
    Of course it would save millions of racehorse lives, and that’s what really matters.

  2. Slowly but surely, Gina, the properties under racetracks is being converted over to other commercial enterprises.Our local track is now completely surrounded by home improvement stores, motels, furniture stores etc.Economics will deal the horse racing industry the death knell in the long run.The homestretch we once galloped on is now completely surrounded by commercial stores that undoubtedly generate much more property tax revenues.

    • Historically, many tracks were built back in the 30’s to 50’s in rural areas when property values were low.
      Of course all that has changed, as you mentioned, and the inevitable development of tracks will happen especially in California where property values make no business sense to maintain a racetrack.
      The loss of business profits will finally shut down this business and not concern for the horrific plight of racehorses as it should be.
      Which brings me to one of the most influential person in horse racing today: Belinda Stronach.
      Daddy, Frank Stronach, has put her in charge of all racetracks and training centers owned by The Stronach Group.
      It’s no secret that the racehorse industry can’t financially sustain itself and California is particularly vulnerable to shutting down because it will never get the casino profits currently keeping most tracks going.
      The casinos are owned by the native American tribes in iron-clad treaties.
      Recognizing the need to bring in new owners and fans Belinda wants a “new” approach focusing on interactive technology to cure these ills.
      However, this “new” approach will not change the fact that racehorses, plenty of them, are dropping dead on their racetracks every single day.
      There is no mention of all the racehorses dying in any interview she has granted.
      She could invoke the “exit strategy” and sell-off/develop any track she so chooses if they are not turning a profit.
      If this were to happen thousands of racehorses lives will be saved.
      FYI, Saratoga just bought Ellis Park in Kentucky – lock, stock, and barrel.
      The purchase price is reported to be in the hundreds of millions while racehorses who have run at Saratoga continue to die there, go to kill auctions or die on the slaughterhouse floor – deplorable.

  3. We just read your link, Gina. Very interesting and thank you for posting! What a bunch of nonsense! Our local track has cut back days and would not survive without table games / historical racing machines, Which of course are really disguised slot machines. Fast paced sport? Who is she kidding? Modernize sport? Who is she trying to fool! Upon our graduation from university we did an economic analysis of our local track. We wanted to know why it had gone bankrupt so many times but still persisted. We later found out that the school district as well as the city / county needed the property tax revenues! For awhile our local school district basicly operated the track until they could get a private operator. Not admitting to what their growth rate for their business is.What a joke, the Stronach group will be lucky if they hold steady on the west coast. Our analysis was of course was many years ago. and later when MEC later purchased the track they found out what a real mess they had got stuck with. All the while promising a great future in racing in our state which thankfully shows every sign of going the way of the Do Do bird. So many prominent people have quit racing in our state which were glad to see. There are much better pursuits to be had with the thoroughbreds foaled in our state!

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