Stella’s Honor Dead at Louisiana; David’s Elaine Dead at Finger Lakes; First Kill of Saratoga Summer

In the 4th at Louisiana Downs yesterday afternoon, Stella’s Honor, says Equibase, “was pulled up entering the drive and euthanized.” Dead. Two races back on May 5, the 3-year-old Alex De Beauville-trained/owned filly won but was subsequently “disqualified due to a positive test.” In between, on June 25, she finished second-to-last, 17+ lengths back. Draw your own conclusions.

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that David’s Elaine, four, “broke down while racing” at Finger Lakes Saturday and was “euthanized on the track.” The chartwriter, however, was either distracted or just plain dishonest, as his note simply said, “pulled up midway around and then was vanned off.” Yes, “vanned off” – already dead.

Also from the Gaming Commission, we have our first kill of the summer at hallowed Saratoga Race Course: 5-year-old Presumptuous “sustained closed fractures” while training Saturday, “[was] ambulanced to Rood and Riddle [and] subsequently euthanized.” Saratoga, you might recall, notched 21 victims last year – their most since the Gaming Commission began disclosing such things in 2009. Off and running.


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  1. Off and on for the past year I’ve been keeping informal records of the SIRES of the racehorses dropping dead as the names were posted on this blog.
    I had to narrow my parameters down because I simply don’t have the time:
    1. “A” tracks: Gulfstream Park, Santa Anita, Saratoga, Keeneland.
    2. Racehorses foaled in Kentucky.
    3. Maiden Special Weight or Black-Type races.
    Here’s are my preliminary finding:
    In black-type races 80% or more came from sires that were trained by multiple drug violating trainers most notably Todd Pletcher, Bob Baffert, and Steve Asmussen.
    Out of the 3 horses listed above only 1 qualified for my parameters, and sure enough the sire MIDNIGHT LUTE was trained by Bob Baffert.
    This pattern strongly suggests that chronic issues are passed down to their foals.
    It’s often claimed in pro-horse racing articles that these trainers are good for horse racing.
    Is that how delusional these people are?
    This entire industry fails the racehorse as they continue to die.
    So sorry for all racehorses who dropped dead, and Saratoga is a shameful place where racehorses die.
    This is not even suitable for children to attend there.
    Shame on any parent who puts this on their summer bucket list.

  2. I’m sure some of you may have heard, but a Louisiana judge rendered no punishment for Dr Drip’s tormentor, not even a 5 dollar fine. Dr Drip was found close to death, starved, skeletal, acid burns down his back, maggots tunneling through his spine, and he had recently been saddled and rode with the flesh falling from his bones. The man responsible for his torturous demise got two thumbs up from the Louisiana judicial system to get another horse and do it again. Tragic fate for many of these thoroughbreds begins after their time on the track. Slaughter would’ve been more humane than the long drawn out death that awaited Dr Drip at the hands of his abusers. There is to be no justice for the Dr. His suffering meant nothing to those who had the power to make his horrific death mean something. Dr Drip is only one of many who die in silence and agony every day. Few care. America has turned her back on horses.

    • This is heartbreaking.
      Of course the root of his suffering comes from this vile horse racing business because so many owners/trainers DUMP their horses no matter how much money they make.
      They are bred to die – end of story.
      Unfortunately, many suffer before they die and there’s no worse suffering than Dr Dre.
      DUMPING is part of this business, they create this mess and they throw it out there for everybody else to clean it up!
      This is all being conducted while they make BILLIONS in profit off the lives of these racehorses.
      It’s sickening, it’s vile, and it needs to end.
      There is no changing this business, there is only shutting it down.
      That’s the only solution.
      So sorry for you Dr Dre – so sorry for you.

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