“Pulled Up Lame, Humanely Euthanized” at Delaware Park

The Delaware Racing Commission has confirmed that Noregretsfornow was “humanely euthanized” after “pulling up lame” in the 2nd at Delaware Park June 30. Noregretsfornow was three and was worth $5,000 the day he died (this we know because his master, Cathal Lynch, had him “For Sale” prior to).

This is horseracing.


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  1. And the chart merely states “tired” and “vanned off” after he finished the race second to last.

    12 starts and he was only 3. SEVEN of his 12 races were when he was just a TWO-year-old.

  2. What the hell does the Racing Commission do, if not police stupid or greedy or both owners? Says he finished, pulled up lame. 1st question_ why did he already have 12 races by June of his 3rd year? Seven as a 2yr old. 2nd question, how much was he insured for ? Sad, wrong and disgusting for the racing industry.

    • Charles, the Racing Commissions do very little to protect the horses. In my opinion, the vast majority are a “joke.” I’ve gone up against them in the past with limited success. Their main goal is to protect the industry…not the horses.

    • Charles, this entire business is based on gambling profits, and the racehorses are nothing more than gambling pawns.
      They will only hire stewards that are pro-industry that will protect the gambling profits over the racehorse.
      The stewards are not only vetted heavily to ensure their loyalty to this business, but they are usually industry insiders like jockeys who previously whipped/beat racehorses for gambling bets.
      They will not permit outsiders to come in and be a steward, and sit on the commission.
      There is no “fairness” to the hiring process whatsoever even though it’s a publicly held position.
      They use the excuse that they are not experienced with the industry, but this is just another cover-up.
      May I remind readers here that the racing commissions are PAID for by YOU AND ME- taxpayers.
      They are paid for by the state coffers.
      They are NOT paid for by the billions in gambling profits
      It’s bewildering that in the light of their billions in wagering profits they continue to receive unprecedented tax breaks in many capacities even receiving a percentage of casino profits which results in more billions.
      Yet, most of their supporting structures, like commissions, are paid for by taxpayers.
      They are leeches who suck the blood, soul, and life out of these racehorses.
      They are despicable.

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