Finger Lakes Yesterday: “And We Had One Go Down”

According to Equibase, Dream Host “fell and was vanned off” at Finger Lakes yesterday. That, though, is only part of the truth. Yes, he fell (broken leg) and yes, he was “vanned” away, but by then he was already dead – euthanized, says the Gaming Commission, right there on the track. The announcer, by the way, summarized the proceedings thus: “And we had one go down…an unfortunate incident.”

The 3-year-old Dream Host was being raced for the second time; in the first, he finished last – some 44 lengths back. Oh, and trainer/owner Wayne Sparling had him “For Sale” both times out. Just like members of the family, right? Vile.

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  1. So sorry for Dream Host who obviously suffered greatly prior to dying in the dirt.
    The commissions, who have the power to scratch a horse, enable the suffering to increase wagering profits.
    Finger Lakes is a hell hole for racehorses, but aren’t they all?
    They were on the verge of shutting down because even the millions given to them is not enough, and with casino competition up the road those millions need to increase for this hell hole to stay open.
    How many more times are politicians going to bale out this dying business?
    May I remind taxpayers that the sole purpose of racinos were to increase the public coffers for essential services like infrastructure repair, community services, health care, and/or education.
    Of course all of these areas have positive and immediate redeemable factors, but not horse racing.
    Yet, millions of casino profits are diverted into this despicable business.
    I’ve repeatedly stated on previous blogs that politicians receive hundreds of thousands of dollars (usually Reps) that they skim off the casino profits and use racetracks as a front – this is my allegation based on years of direct experience with tracks, and higher ups.
    In turn these politicians protect these tracks b/c it’s, more than likely, a source of income for them not unlike the NRA and its money relationships with politicians (mostly Reps).
    It’s also the taxpayers that are getting screwed b/c money that should be designated for community essential services is being diverted into politician pockets and to HBPA related organizations on tracks it seems.
    We know, that with the BILLIONS in profits (all made off the lives of racehorses) little to nothing is done to improve their plight as profit slaves.
    Horse racing is nothing more than a corruption and death pit for these racehorses.

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