Training Kill at Golden Gate; 2017 Derby Horse Untrapped Dead

The first Stewards Minutes for Oak Tree at Pleasanton (Alameda County Fair, California) reveal one kill: Big Kid, while “working” at Golden Gate June 16.

BloodHorse reports that Untrapped was euthanized Monday for laminitis (after first suffering from colic). The 4-year-old colt was raced in the 2017 Kentucky Derby and had amassed over $850,000 earnings for his “connections” in less than two years. These two notes fully explain the BloodHorse article, for had he been a 6-year-old claimer toiling away at Penn National, we would not have heard a peep.

This is horseracing.

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  1. UNTRAPPED (UT) another victim of racehorse abuser and killer Steve Asmussen.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that the regular doping cocktails lead to UT’s death,
    Isn’t it pathetic that this business did absolutely nothing when they saw the horrific abuse of dope in all racehorses trained by Asmussen’s?
    This industry is complacent in the death of UT, and it’s vile.
    Again, the secret doping records protect these racehorse abusers and killers, protects the trainers, owners, and the vets who get rich off of doping.
    I bet you that over the course of a couple of years UT had hundreds of needles shoved in and out of his jugular vein, joints, and/or muscles.
    Shame on owner Michael Langford because he would see the doping cocktails, via the vet bill, that was most likely administered to UT.
    Well, UT’s gut finally gave out and that’s after he made $857,005 – pathetic and vile.
    Currently, Steve Asmussen has about 300 racehorses in training who are all probably receiving a regular bout of doping cocktails.
    These racehorses are nothing more than gambling numbers to be doped, maimed, killed and/or disposed of as evidenced by his trainer record.
    Pathetic demented person and anybody in this business enables this.

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