“Went Wrong,” Fell, Dead at Delaware

This, from Equibase’s account of the 5th at Delaware yesterday afternoon: “MR. EURO trailed then went wrong and fell nearing the three furlong grounds then was euthanized.” That’s it – no fanfare, no glowing eulogies in the Racing rags, no prayers and condolences on the message boards. Why? Mr. Euro was a cheap (he was “For Sale” at a mere $4,500 prior to dying) horse toiling away at cheap tracks, just like all but a small fraction of his racing brethren. Made, used, and killed for human greed, to be remembered only on his final owner’s 2018 tax return. How very sad.

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  1. VILE.
    At one time Mr. Euro generated profits for the creeps in this industry.
    In fact, he sold for $155,000 as a yearling, had his first race at the ripe old age of 2 years old where his issues, more than likely, started in training prior to his first race.
    I say this because they started him in Maiden Claiming where he was “For Sale,” in his first race when the infamous Steve Asmussen claimed him.
    So you can bet that Mr. Euro was subjected to a steady cocktail of dope to keep him going.
    A few races later his owner and trainer has now changed – another private sale.
    Keep in mind that while he’s being tossed around like a salad there are NO vet/doping records following him.
    This new owner/trainer has no idea how many times Mr. Euro received joint injections or shock wave therapy to mask, what seems to be, chronic issues setting-up a horrific ending for Mr. Euro.
    As long as he’s generating $2 bets, filling the wagering coffers, and paying high salaries to the CEO’s of racetracks they ensure that the doping/vet records are kept secret.
    They claim to not deliberately kill racehorses, but it seems reasonable to claim that they actually do deliberately kill them because their policies or lack of policies enables the dying, and protects the previous connections from any sort of accountability and/or repercussions.
    Mr. Euro another victim of this vile business.

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