As The Stakes Looms – “Promising Colt” Killed at Belmont; Baffert Horse Killed at Santa Anita

Montauk, whom the Daily Racing Form called “a promising colt,” was killed (broken shoulder) training at Belmont yesterday morning. Trainer Todd Pletcher’s reaction: “very disappointing.” Montauk’s only race was a “win” back in October for $45,000. What, then, do you suppose Mr. Pletcher was referring to?

On the other coast, Amada Rafaela “collapsed” in the 7th at Santa Anita and is dead. She, too, was “promising,” as her only finished race (last month) was a win for $32,000. Amada Rafaela was trained by Bob Baffert – yes, that Bob Baffert. Do you think NBC will query Mr. Baffert on this tomorrow? Please.

Also, the Gaming Commission reports the death of Fairway Tom Wednesday at Finger Lakes: “colic – euthanized.” Fairway Tom was 11.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Both Bob Baffert and Todd Pletcher have been killing racehorses for years.
    One could argue that it isn’t deliberate killing, but is it?
    How do we really know especially with a long list of racehorses dying or disappearing off the radar when they are determined to not be stake prospects??
    Their non-stake prospects, especially with Baffert, literally disappear off the horse racing circuit, and are almost never found in the claiming ranks so what’s up with that?
    Of course the apologists and enablers of the dying are quick to defend them, which is precisely why the dying continues.
    What deterrence is there when there are no NEUTRAL investigations, there are NO release of the doping/vet records for neutral vet review, there are no repercussions, but there are certainly the usual lines: “We are all heartbroken,” Eclipse’s Aron Wellman (one of the owners) said when asked to confirm the news Thursday.
    It’s believed that Montauk had an $850,000 equine insurance policy in place
    That was the colts purchase price, at the 2-year-old in training sale in Ocala, Florida.
    This alleged equine insurance policy would still be in place based on his debut where he won by 11 1/4 lengths.
    Is it possible that these trainers knowingly send out a horse that has a high risk of dying, and perhaps getting some sort of kick back?
    I mean, come on, racehorse after racehorse dying?
    I sincerely think that there’s much more going on here than just racehorses dying.
    Moreover, these owners who had other racehorses dying under their “care” STILL send more to them??
    Could it be that they send their racehorses to trainers who are complacent in their deaths?
    There’s something not kosher here, but there is nobody – no NEUTRAL investigations taking place because this is horse racing.

  2. The contemplation of what your post points to is difficult. Why? Not because it is hard to imagine humans would do such unethical acts but that horses go to them innocent and curious. We have done a bad job of protecting the innocent and curious. The California Racing Board is disinterested in taking the responsibility and so where does that leave us?

  3. If these vile people are getting the purchase price of the horse back through the insurance policy, (and any one purchasing a horse for almost a million bucks and not insuring it would be crazy), what do they care if the poor horse drops dead or is injured and must be euthanized before the finish line. Follow the money. It’s all about the money. Any one in horse racing who says other wise is lying. Horse racing is all about the money. Horse racing is BIG business which is all about the money. The horses….expendable. Vile, you got that right Gina Powell.

  4. There are so many controversial examples of dead racehorses surrounding Bob Baffert.
    Here’s another reminder, another victim of this racehorse killer:

    Now, this happened in 2013 and we are now in 2018 where the dying continues.
    The dying started well before 2013, and this industry supports this!?
    This trainer is a racehorse killer – nothing more nothing less.
    His intentions are not even relevant at this point nor are his accolades.

  5. Without the corruption, horse abuse/cruelty, subsidies and lack of accountability racing would not survive. Those in the business know and accept this. Even the self proclaimed “good people” look the other way.

    The public does not know what goes on in the backstretches of the numerous tracks and what the horses are subjected to.. The façade of the Derby with the mint juleps, fancy hats and pageantry along with the Triple Crown lull people in to thinking racehorses are treated like royalty. Most would find it hard to believe even the big winners and “fan favorites” are not safe in this business. If the current favorite, Justify, is not injured or even killed he will be syndicated at stud. But the catch is if he is not “successful” at stud he could be sold to Japan, Turkey, Korea or other, just like Ferdinand, Lion Heart, and Hansen, to name but a few.

  6. And now consider Justify will now run in the China Horse Club silks, “a mysterious group of Chinese businessmen “. The group recently bought a part of the horse. as reported in the Paulick Report. Also, it is reported none other than George Soros, the billionaire, has a stake in Justify and is very secretive about his investment activities in horseracing here, in Australia and countries all over the world.
    If this does not show the true nature of horseracing I don’t know what does. Money, money and more money –
    Baffert et al, must be close to giddy raking it in. I feel sorry for the horse, he is just a pawn of these disgustingly greedy people. They remind me of alcoholics, they don’t know when they have had enough !

  7. Today is the BELMONT.
    Bob Baffert trained JUSTIFY has a chance at the Triple Crown.
    The New York Gaming Commission is the ONLY racing jurisdiction (that I’m aware of) that has mandatory vet records posted on their site leading up to Graded stake races only.
    The vet records are very telling, and Justify has been treated already for DEHYDRATION & ELECTROLYTES – bastards.

    Furthermore, the vet that almost always treats Bob Baffert, Todd Pletcher and Steve Assmussen horses in New York is the same vet DR. HUNT that was seen on the PETA video shoving needles in and out of racehorses in the Assmussen racing stable on a daily basis including treating the suffering NEHRO to further exploit him (he subsequently died).
    This vet should have been charged for not reporting animal cruelty, but this is horse racing where animal cruelty is an every day occurrence that would be penalized in any other setting.
    These people have the system down pat, and by the way Dr. Hunt VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED the publishing of vet records when they were trying to impose them.
    He’s still medicating the top horses in this country, and getting away with it!!
    How in the hell can honest people compete with this?
    Never mind, it’s the poor racehorses who are being turned into pin cushions while vets like him get rich off their life and limbs?
    The enablers of the abuse, the owners, pay the vet bills, and consent to this treatment just to get into the winners circle and pad their egos, but most of them at this level don’t need the money.
    The other Baffet horse, RESTORING HOPE is also being treated for DEHYDRATION & “ELECTROLYTES.”
    So what electrolytes exactly???
    Of course Pletcher and Assmusen’s horses have been treated.
    This vet is treating most of the Belmont field it would be so easy to fix a race this way.
    This is outrageous, and no wonder they can’t attract new owners to this business, and despite what they say people are leaving this business by the droves.
    There are NO records for joint injections or SWT (Shock Wave Therapy), which is the most dangerous of all.
    Then of course they will be given a Lasix needle which further dehydrates them, but so does long plane trips which could have been avoided.
    These poor racehorses they are innocent, voiceless victims of the greed and egos of people in this vile business.

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