A Horse Breaks, Tarp Goes Up, Death – All While Race Continues

From Devon Animal Save in England:

“Today at Newton Abbot Racecourse, Baihas broke his leg and was put down. The race continued; the tarps went up as they tried to obscure what had happened from the public, but thankfully we were able to capture this heartbreaking moment to expose the cruelty in this so-called sport.”


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  1. It’s heartbreaking — PLEASE — it’s imperative we continue to disclose the facts — people do NOT KNOW what goes on behind the scenes — if they knew, they may just think twice about this sadistic so-called sport — it’s obligatory we disclose the truth — the details of what these race horses go through from Day #1 — day in, day out — every minute of every hour — what they undergo — in order that humans be entertained — Imagine for a moment, a human runs a race — gets injured — maybe breaks a leg, maybe not — in the next minute or two, this same human gets put down — death! — If it’s unacceptable to do to a human, WHY in God’s name are we doing it to a horse? — where is the upside for the horse? — from the day he’s born, he works — works, works, works — then a slight mishap — boom! — DEATH! — what’s it all for! — Do you think the horse would bargain for this life if he/she were given the option? — WHO makes these decisions? — it’s downright cruel, unconscionably depraved indifference to the horse’s life — clearly, these sweet, innocent, intelligent, sensitive animals NEED our protections — pay a visit to : — https://www.nonhumanrights.org/

  2. It’s hard to imagine this as “entertainment,” when they have to carry around a DEATH TARP to hide the ugly truth.
    This is heartbreaking, and the video says it all.
    How dare people support this dying?
    They are complacent in the hundreds of deaths on tracks every year.

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