Waya Ed Killed at Santa Anita; Barn Fire Leaves 28 “Charred Carcasses” in NY – and Racing Owns Each and Every One of Them

According to the Equibase writer, Waya Ed “clipped heels, fell, and was vanned off” in the 7th at Santa Anita yesterday afternoon. In fact, he is dead – euthanized, BloodHorse relays, for “severe injuries, including a fracture in his right hind leg.” (This publication, as well as the other industry rags, reported on the kill only because this was a $200,000 stakes race; otherwise, we would not have heard a peep.)

And – the New York Post reports that “a raging blaze killed 28 harness-racing horses early Saturday” at the Mount Hope Training Center in NY. Apparently, the horses had just returned from racing at Pocono Downs in Pennsylvania. From the article:

“We could not save one horse,” according to a worker, who identified himself only as Saur. “They are all dead.” Saur said he could see – and hear – the horses’ agony. “They were crying like babies. They are like humans…This is killing me.” Another worker had the grim task of spray painting numbers on the charred carcasses.

Let me be as crystal-clear as possible here: If not for horseracing, those animals would not have been at that place, at that time (indeed, they would never have even existed). In other words, this ugly, miserable industry is wholly responsible for each and every one of those “charred carcasses” – and the unfathomable “agony” that went before. And just when you think these people couldn’t be any more abhorrent, the Paulick Report, after noting that “no humans were injured in the fire,” added this: “a GoFundMe account has been set up to support the trainers.” Imagine that.


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  1. QUOTE from Article above.

    “They were crying like babies. They are like humans…This is killing me.”

    SERIOUSLY ????

    These horses are often drugged and many are abused 365 days a year and Now because they cried out in agony and now are dead “They are like humans” ????

    Incredibly delusional !

  2. Santa Anita, yesterday June 2, in the 7th race a horrific catastrophic breakdown of WAYA ED – so sorry for you.
    Now, let’s be clear, if it weren’t for the big feature race, Snow Chief Stakes, this probably would have gone under the radar, but they can’t cover-up the bigger races.
    The owner, JayEm Ess, is Samantha Siegel who spends millions buying up racehorses at the sales auction houses.
    She’s allegedly linked to one of the largest, most profitable wagering companies: TVG.
    Like many in this business she’s had racehorses sustain both career-ending and catastrophic injuries, but she just goes out and buys more.
    So while celebrating the win (she owned the other horse that won the race) poor Waya Ed was laying in the dirt suffering, but a win must be celebrated right?
    These people are delusional, shameful, and define the word VILE.
    As for fires killing racehorses?
    This has been going on for so long because this multi-billion dollar profit industry fails to install water sprinkler systems at many of their facilities especially the private training centers.
    After all, it’s not mandatory to install fire sprinkler systems because racehorses are classified as “livestock.”
    Fire after fire, dead horses after dead horses here’s, but a few:
    Owners/CEO’s of tracks, and private training centers often cite financial hardship to install sprinkler systems.
    Yet, they have no problem collecting billions in wagering profits off the lives of these racehorses!
    Of course a sprinkler system in the barns at San Luis Rey would have mitigated or prevented racehorses from dying.
    It’s no secret that it took hours for them to garner transportation off the facility because they didn’t know where to send all of these horses after they were ordered to evacuate.
    Again, no protocol in place for emergencies like this.
    An except from this article claims that they had millions of dollars tied up in these racehorses yet, a sprinkler system or even just a Emergency Protocol plan was not in place???
    So if you cared for them like you claim then why in the hell would you stable there?
    Hell, at one point, they did’t even have a functional equine ambulance when I was there in 2005.
    One lady got burned in the fire while risking her life to rescue some of their racehorses.
    She was hailed by the industry as a hero.
    Yet, she had no problem sending these racehorses out to the track daily to risk their lives or to watch other racehorses drop dead in the dirt?!
    Amidst all of this sympathy NOT ONE person mentioned the thousands of racehorses dying on tracks and on the slaughterhouse floor directly due to this vile business!!
    This goes to show you how delusional these apologists are.
    It’s not okay for them to die in a barn fire, but it’s okay for them to die in the dirt while generating profits!!
    I’ve been on many tracks over the years and not one had Fire protocols in place, or did fire drills or had sprinkler systems in place.
    Not one had separate storage facilities to store such highly flammable items like hay, straw or shavings.
    People who participate/support in this blood bath would have to be delusional in some capacity, and the Go Fund Me account is abhorrent.
    This multi-billlion dollar horse racing industry doesn’t even have adequate planning or funds in place for emergencies like this or for maimed jockeys (the rider of Waya Ed is in critical condition) or adequate funds in place for aftercare.
    They have been getting away with this for years, billions of profit later, and little to nothing has changed.
    It’s time for people to stop supporting this bullshit, and call for these hell holes to shut down.

  3. Expose and close this insanity. There is no love from breeders, trainers, anyone involved.. Just abuse. Just a dollar made off these magestic equines. They have no voice. WE are their voice.

  4. Your work with these “watchdog” emails are greatly appreciated (as sad and maddening as they are). HOW can the public be informed daily, or, if too expensive, even weekly (?), of what’s going on? Why were these harness horses in stalls? Surely they could have been put out to pasture; and if not, why not? Were they going to be made to race again the next day?
    Beyond maddening; arrests need to be made or licenses revoked.
    Thanks for shining truth’s light in these very dark corners.

  5. I totally agree with previous comments horseracing is nothing but greed, cruelty, narcissist trainers, owners, buyers and anyone who condones this abhorrant “sport”…..and the go fund me for the trainers makes me sick to my stomach, unbelievable! where was the sprinkler system in that barn???????those poor babies to die such a painful death, hate to the human race. STOP HORSE RACING FOREVER!

  6. The terror and agony these 28 horses endured is unimaginable. An investigation, if there is one, will be perfunctory unless, of course, there is insurance involved. We know money is so much more important than the lives of horses in this business. These large barns with numerous horses trapped in stalls should be required to have sprinkler systems. The lack of such a requirement fits with the disregard for horse safety and absence of rules to provide a modicum of protection for the horse.

  7. Dean Eckley the owner of those dead horses just got his suspended license back. And he has been cited for animal cruelty in the past. He has a lousy record and drugs his horses. No sprinkler system the barn went up like a tinderbox. Poor horses.

  8. So another fire – this time pigs.
    They are sentient beings just like horses.
    Politician after politician, party after party and our animal laws in Canada and elsewhere are antiquated and need serious updating.
    Businesses that exploit animals for profit are evil to the core.
    They often cite “financial hardship” for not installing sprinkler systems and our government lets them get away with this.
    So sorry for all these pigs, piglets and horses who die in fires.

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