At Least 4 Horses Killed on U.S. Tracks Yesterday

At least four racehorses were killed on U.S. tracks Thursday…

Mark My Style “suffered a soft tissue injury while breezing” at Belmont – “euthanized.” He was six and had been raced 33 times (but, curiously, nothing since last September).

Awesome Alma “was injured mid stretch” in the 4th at Pimlico “then was euthanized.” She was four and was “For Sale” at $5,000 prior to dying.

Mile Street “broke down and was put down” in the 1st at Presque Isle. He was three; this was his debut.

Turf Prince “was pulled up mid-turn” in the 1st at Charles Town – “euthanized.” He was four and coming off a 9th-of-10 in a $5,000 claiming just 19 days prior.

So, that’s (at least) four equine “athletes” killed in a single U.S. Racing day, three of those “in competition.” For comparison, in the cumulative 312-year history of the three major American professional sports leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA), there have been but two deaths during, or resulting from an injury suffered in, games. Two in 312 years. Horseracing a sport? How can anyone utter those words with a straight face?

(sources: NYS Gaming Commission, Equibase)


    This death list, yet again, reflects people that don’t give a damn about the welfare of these racehorses, and some show mysterious patterns leading up to these deaths.
    For example, MARK MY STYLE, hasn’t been raced since last year, and then suddenly brought back?
    The breeder, Sequel Bloodstock, owned by Becky Thomas, has a history of racehorse abuse (that is seen as standard operating procedures in this vile business) that includes allegedly and extensively doping juveniles to ready them for the 2 year old in training sales in Ocada, allegedly and extensively doping horses solely for pin hooking sales all over the sales auction houses.
    Not surprising, given the allegedly doping/beating, her horses often clocked the fastest times during the breeze shows, and she made MILLIONS.
    However, many fell victim to her heartless business practices dropping dead in the dirt during training hours or breeze shows.
    She now has her business operations in New York State where she was named “Breeder of the Year” true to industry form that awards people who have racehorses die under the banner of “business,” and “breeding operations.”
    As often and accurately mentioned – racehorses who die under private training farms, training sales or for breeding purposes are not even considered here making this list minimal at best if you can imagine that???
    This is horse racing.

  2. “There will always be sociopaths and predators like Harvey Weinstein, but I find his complicity machine more guilty.” Roxe McGowan victim.
    I attended both an Ocala and Keeneland sale for racing prospects back around 2008 – 2010..
    Every single juvenile racehorse at the Keeneland sale that day,that I saw, consigned by Becky Thomas’s Sequel Bloodstock, was beaten to a pulp – I will never forget it.
    They were harshly and repeatedly whipped, most starting at the 3/8th pole, to increase their speed and clock the fastest breeze times sometimes resulting in breakdowns.
    I officially complained to Keeneland because I found it so disturbing even as an apologist.
    These so called racehorse lovers never did anything about it, emphasized that Becky Thomas made them millions in profit over the years, and subsequently rewarded her with “Breeder of the Year” in New York State where she relocated after an investigation started in Florida.
    There will always be plenty of Becky Thomas’s, but especially in the 2 y.o training sales, and pin hooking, but it’s the people who watched those beatings that day, the BOD’s of Keeneland, the people I complained to – they are the most dangerous because they do nothing about this abuse.
    They never have and never will especially when it comes to profits.
    As racehorse after racehorse gets beaten, breaks down, even DIES these enablers permit it to go on because they are usually on the recipient end of millions in profits.
    When this business finally shuts down it can’t come soon enough for the racehorses, and for those of us who truly care about them.

  3. Most of us don’t really know what goes on in this vile industry. Killing animals for sport is unhealthy human behavior and immoral.

    • Chris the answers and the knowledge you seek are out there, racing is a public game and although the industry tries its best to hide the truth the truths and the facts are out there…racing has 38 juristictions all different educate yourself what racing is in your home state and venture to how it is elsewhere. it is a money driven gambling buissness desperately trying to be portrayed as a competetive sport, that is the root the rules and regulations show

  4. 27 May, Emerald Downs 9th race: Boston’s War Whoop apparently broke down on the back stretch, but didn’t see him go down so don’t know if he’s dead or not. Literally about 10 minutes ago so the chart isn’t even up yet.

  5. I perused the results on Equibase over the weekend, and it’s horrific.
    Most of these racehorses are the “walking dead.”
    Upon review of the race replays, it showed racehorses, so obviously struggling and most likely sore, getting repeatedly beaten/whipped.
    In many of the races, the last 2 racehorses were either eased, but walked-off, or “faltered” or “no challenge,” with all of them finishing by lengths.
    Some were vanned-off, and will most likely end up here on the list.
    Then I singled out the few who were eased or barely made it past the finish line by reviewing their “PP’s.”
    These are records of massive cruelty, and suffering at the behest of this vile industry.
    These racehorses are merely gambling pawns to fill races, increase wagering profits, and inflate egos.
    Horse racing is an antiquated business model that is based on the massive exploitation and dying of racehorses.
    It’s precipitous decline is in full gear despite what the pro-horse racing entities release.

  6. This Is So Inhumane And So Sad…These Poor Horses Deserve So Much Better In This World…

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