Kill “Mars” Under-Tack Show; Laminitis Death at Finger Lakes

“Under Tack” events are speed trials for horses who are so young they don’t even have names yet; the trials allow prospective buyers to assess the new “talent” prior to bidding. Sunday at a Fasig-Tipton show in Maryland, one of these equine babes was killed. The Thoroughbred Daily News: “Sunday’s session of the preview was marred when hip 410, a colt by Bandbox, broke down on the turn after completing his furlong work. The chestnut was euthanized on the track.” “Marred.”

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the death of Baby Lightweight yesterday at Finger Lakes – “laminitis both front limbs, euthanized.” She was three years old.


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  1. Here’s a copy of the catalog page of Hip #410 – unnamed.
    Fasig-Tipton added the green arrows to point out the winners on the dam side.
    So sorry for you.
    BABY LIGHTWEIGHT – mystery surrounding this horrific death. No race record at 3??
    Yet, died in the stall??
    Not even dying in this business raises an eyebrow or an investigation or any type of repercussion whatsoever because the racehorses are disposable.
    Utterly VILE.

  2. These horses are doomed the minute they are foaled . They die sooner or later and the majority of deaths are before they attain even 1/3 of their life expectancy.
    What moral right do these people have to cause such suffering and destruction ? It just illustrates the lack of morality in this gambling game.

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