Dead Racehorses on Preakness Day

On one of Racing’s high holy days, this…

In the 6th at Santa Anita, Fast Munny “fell near the finish” – officially (Equibase), “vanned off.” Multiple sources, however, have the 5-year-old dead from a “cardiac event.” That’s heart failure – for a still-pubescent animal.

In the 8th at Gulfstream, not-yet-three Dreaming of Jo Jo “broke down”; “broke down” is this industry’s euphemism of choice for dead.

In addition, several other horses were “vanned off” at tracks across the country, including three at Gulfstream (one in the same race that felled Dreaming). It’s a good bet that at least one of them is dead.

Also yesterday, the NYS Gaming Commission disclosed this for Terry O Geri at Belmont Friday: “found dead in stall two days after having colic surgery.” The 4-year-old was last raced at Aqueduct in March.

Ignore the Justify hype. Horseracing, at its core, is a killing machine. It’s awful and wicked, and must be stopped.


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  1. FAST MUNNY, DREAMING OF JO JO, TERRY O GERI are all trained by trainers who have either shady racing violations and/or racehorses who have died under their direct “care” and training methods.
    This is not an anomaly, but standard operating procedures when it comes to this vile business.
    Justify and his trainer Bob Baffert takes the spotlight off the truth and ugliness behind this business, and the ongoing doping violations, controversy, and racehorses that have died under BB’s training.
    In the days leading up to the Belmont we will finally get to see the doping/vet records of Justify.
    This will be interesting to see, but it’s the shock wave therapy that should be disclosed as well if being used.
    Furthermore, Justify was not the same horse yesterday.
    The replay showed a tired horse in the stretch that had to be whipped/beaten by Jockey Mike Smith in order to cross the finish line first.
    Thank goodness there were no issues because the track surface was so deep and the fog so bad it would have prevented and/or delayed the deliverance of emergency care to either horse or rider most likely.
    It could have been a disaster., but millions in wagering profits had to be made even if it meant risking the lives of both racehorses,and jockeys as they do every day on tracks all over America.
    The death lists herein are testaments to this.

  2. Why don’t you have a share link. I have 5k FACEBOOK friends and I’m on Twitter. Think how many people I could reach with this news.

    On Sun, May 20, 2018, 7:50 AM Horseracing Wrongs wrote:

    > Patrick Battuello posted: “On one of Racing’s high holy days, this… In > the 6th at Santa Anita, Fast Munny “fell near the finish” – officially > (Equibase), “vanned off.” Multiple sources, however, have the 5-year-old > dead from a “cardiac event.” That’s heart failure – for a stil” >

    • nadya92129, there is a Horseracing Wrongs FB page – please share it and invite your FB friends to read the daily posts, too. Thank you so much!

  3. Fast Munny was killed by trainer Jeff Mullins. Why do you not publish the names of the trainers along with the names of the horses which die in their custody? Accountability is crucial in this issue. Hiding the names of the trainers, owners, breeders and organizations (aka “connections”) of the dead horses encourages more of the same standards and practices which cause these horse’s fatalities. Your heroic efforts to ameliorate the suffering of horses used for racing by publishing the names of the horses is simply one hand clapping-the second hand must be added to be effective- publish the names of the connections/people and organizations attached to each horse fatality!

    • There is no hiding names, Gail Ruffu – connections’ names and more are in Equibase for all to see. Checking charts every single morning and writing these posts are incredibly time consuming – not including information that anyone can look up cuts down on the huge amount of work Patrick is already doing.

  4. From the WSJ, 17 May business section, B2. : ” Churchill Downs, which hosts the Kentucky Derby, is one of a number of firms looking for a foothold in a new sports – gambling market. Churchill Downs said Wednesday it would enter online – gambling and sports – betting markets in New Jersy and Pensylvania.”

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