Killed at Pimlico

Colonel Crawford’s run in the 6th at Pimlico yesterday, as relayed by Equibase: “lost his rider after sustaining an injury to his left front near the quarter pole and was euthanized.” The 4-year-old horse was being whip-raced for a share of $28,000.

This is horseracing.


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  1. So sorry for Colonel Crawford yet another victim of this vile business and the vile people who support it.
    Evidently, he snapped his leg-off so they were unable to load him to hide away the ugliness and misery in the stable area when euthanizing him – standard business protocol.
    He died on the racetrack called Pimlico.
    You should know that the racetrack owner is apologist Frank Stronach – one of the biggest owner of racetracks and wagering in America.
    Plenty of racehorses DIE on his tracks every single year (Pimlico, Laurel Park, Santa Anita, Gulfsteam Park, Golden Gate).
    This self proclaimed racehorse lover has never called for investigations into the dying, and/or release of the doping/vet records because secrecy, non-transparency, and no accountability seems to be their hallmarks.
    Feel free to send them your thoughts at The Stronach Group website or their racing arm called Adena Springs or their other name Magna “Entertainment.”
    When was the last time you considered a racehorse dropping dead in the dirt as “entertainment?”
    You should also know that Frank Stronach and his daughter, Belinda Stronach, have been consistently banging on the door of Maryland politicians to get about 200 million in taxpayers money to overhaul the decrepit Pimlico, it’s allegedly unsafe track surface, and of course the grandstands that are empty for most of the year except for on Preakness day.
    Not only do these apologists kill racehorses, but they want the taxpayers to PAY FOR IT!!
    Enough is enough, tell your politicians how you feel, educate, and shut down these hell holes.

  2. The track is closed for 353 days a year. How about 12 more days? How many horses will be injured or killed tomorrow? ” The answer my friend is blowing in the wind”. This website blows that wind everyday. Bob Dylan said that.

  3. Hate the whole horseracing business!! Makes me very upset…breed longer smaller legs and butts to push them to their death…but….$$$$$$ will always win..maybe jesus will come very soon and get us out of all the trouble we r in

  4. As we are often reminded – the dead racehorses listed herein doesn’t cover the other dead racehorses on private farms nor the offshoots of this vile business.
    Yesterday – a GRIZZLY discovery in Ontario.

    For those of you not familiar with this area of Ontario it’s PRIME racehorse country – multimillion dollar horse farms mostly thoroughbred breeding operations on a massive scale.
    This area comprises the wealthy and elite of Ontario residents including Frank Stronach’s Adena Springs.
    Yet, this business promotes the breeding of racehorses even rewarding the breeding with taxpayers derived funds.
    The most stupid, most ignorant thing that our Premier/politicians did was give 100+ million to Ontario racehorse industry to include BREEDING AWARDS.
    More often than not we see people zero in on these awards – lots of money so they start to breed, and breed, and breed for those rewards, but fail to take into account the COST of breeding and keeping horses.
    Many of these people don’t have a clue about horses, but are attracted to these breeding awards.
    In fact, this is the 3rd major racehorse “bust” within 5 years here in Ontario.
    This STILL didn’t set an alarm off with our stupid Premier and politicians.
    Sure these animal abusers are to blame, but our governments are complacent in this animal cruelty.
    It’s important to note, that sources are saying, that the investigation is already under pressure from the racehorse community to NOT release information so that they don’t get “tainted.”
    They haven’t even released the names of the people responsible, and the owner from China is remaining relatively silent and protective of the “renters.”
    I don’t believe this dude for one moment because somebody, perhaps a big name, is being protected while these poor thoroughbreds suffered immensely before they died.
    Starvation has got to be the worse way for a horse to go down.
    For those horses that were saved?
    Woodbine, whom these racehorses were probably bred for, remains silent – no surprise there.
    I absolutely abhor these apologists, and our politicians who continue to throw precious taxpayers money to this business that promotes the ongoing abuse, cruelty and/or dying of racehorses on Ontario tracks.

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