Kills at Presque Isle, Finger Lakes

Presque Isle Downs in Pennsylvania celebrated its season opener yesterday – with a kill. In the 2nd, says the Equibase writer, “Prime Number was outrun, pulled up in the upper stretch and was put down.” “Put down” – another vile Racing euphemism. Prime Number was 10; this was his 62nd race. The Jerry Thurston-trained horse had averaged 14 lengths back – in cheap claiming races – over his final eight finishes (most recent, April 11 at Charles Town: last of 10, almost 28 back). This horse was done, but his people didn’t care because he was still “earning,” even while bringing up the rear.

The NYS Gaming Commission reports this for 3-year-old The Berber at Finger Lakes yesterday: “catastrophic injury to left shoulder while exercising – euthanized.” The Berber had been raced thrice – all at NY’s marquee tracks, Saratoga and Belmont.

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  1. This is abhorrent.
    There are no words that can describe the massive cruelty, pain, suffering, maiming, and dying on tracks.
    They all count, but it’s horses like PRIME NUMBER that exemplify the heartless, ignorant, horse abusers that are permitted to continue abusing their racehorses for money that almost never exceeds the expenses.
    Racehorses are gambling pawns for this VILE industry under the guise of “caring” and “loving” them.
    It’s one big fraud perpetrated on the ignorant public and the wagering public in my view.
    The BILLIONS that our politicians give to this industry is equally egregious and The Stronach Group in Maryland is BANGING on their door, they are back at the watering trough looking for more taxpayers money to the tune of about 200 million to upgrade and keep a decrepit track that is empty for most of the year citing JOBS – their ace card.
    Then their public relations people almost always precede this with a pro-industry “study” that espouses the jobs that this industry creates (their most recent study said that 25,000 jobs are on the line), but fails to mention that those jobs are paid for by taxpayers money, tax breaks and/or corporate welfare so they really don’t count for jobs when you get right down to it.
    Then Yavapai Downs in New Mexico has just approved SUMMER RACE DAYS!! This track was closed, shuttered, sat empty for 2 years, but some numb nuts from Kentucky and other states all got together, bought the track and is now re-opening it!!
    So what does this mean for racehorses??
    Utter and complete pain, suffering, abuse, and cruelty on a massive scale.
    Summer in New Mexico has average temperatures of 120 F or more – this is blatant animal cruelty.
    This when the Humane Society puts out warnings not to let your pet go outside unless it’s pottie time.
    Keep them indoors, lots of water where it’s cool.
    Yet, these poor racehorses will be forced to run in these temperatures with most trainers denying them water at least 4 hours prior to racing with a Lasix shot for further dehydration.
    I predict they will have plenty of racehorses drop in the dirt from dehydration and many other things.
    Furthermore, the purse money there will translate to crippled, lame racehorses who are already spent by this revolting business being forced into further labor with doping, cheating, and whipping perpetrated on them for stupid bets.
    Of course most will probably end up on the slaughterhouse floor in Mexico.
    Absolutely disgusting.

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