Two Racehorses Killed at Belmont

Yesterday at Belmont, this, according to the Equibase writer, befell 4-year-old Desert Affair in the 1st race: “took a bad step [after coming under ‘coaxing’] in the vicinity of the quarter pole…tragically broke down…and was humanely euthanized on track.”

Also at Belmont, Belt High, three and coming off his debut, “suffered a fracture” while training Thursday, “and was euthanized on the track” (Gaming Commission).

This, and not “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” is horseracing.


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  1. I used to be a fan of horse racing and now since I have discovered how these magnificent horses are treated by their owners, trainers, jockeys by whipping them to run faster, and when they don’t wjn, they are sent to slaughter.
    This is not a sport-just ask the poor horses. Please stop this inhumane treatment of these animals-brutal people.

  2. All comments very well said! Horse racing is wrong……this makes me sick, these magnificent animals die for this cruel sport STOP HORSE RACING,,,,,, IT IS SO WRONG AND CRUEL

  3. Raced horses for 20 years and most of them had to be put down. The average horse will “MAYBE” race 2 years. Once they win their first race the competition gets harder and they are sold for meat. Of course I’m talking the cheap horses. If you look at any racing form you’ll see horses dropping in class by thousands of dollars and still losing. You can be sure they are NOT sound and racing on painkillers. ///There’s so much more to tell, but few people care. P.S: I quit the game a long time ago and I still regret what I had to do to avoid starving.

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