Kills at Buffalo, Golden Gate, Los Alamitos

From the NYS Gaming Commission: At Buffalo April 28, “Yosemite Camn took bad step out of gate…ambulanced off track and euthanized.” He was twelve.

From the California Horse Racing Board: At Golden Gate April 20: “Native Jaylo was injured…vanned off…expired under anesthesia while being operated on for the injury sustained during that race.” She was three.

At Los Alamitos, “one equine death was reported this week [April 20-April 22] due to racing injuries” – name withheld.

This is horseracing.


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  1. “Name withheld” eh? huh? what?
    Hey, Los Alamitos what’s your problem?
    Happy to publish this horse’s name when it was racing so people could bet on him/her BUT when this innocent dies from RACING injuries, it no longer has a name, it’s as though he/she never existed.

  2. I started searching the Los Alamitos results on Equibase.
    On April 20th, Race #3, a horse was vanned-off – DNF.
    CARULLI is his name, a 7 year old gelding.
    I don’t know if this is the horse that they have decided to hide from the public, but they certainly collected lots of money from his 22 starts – wagering money that is.
    The connections made $42,858, and still risked his life.
    The owner of Los Alamitos, Dr. Ed Allred, said that Los Alamitos will be eventually sold to developers – can’t wait to add this track to our list!
    He states that any track in California can’t compete with the high value of land there so it’s just a matter of time before more closes.
    Horse racing is dying just like the racehorses dropping dead in the dirt.
    Furthermore, they will be hit with significant lawsuits in the future that they will surely lose.
    This will expedite the shuttering down of these hell holes, and when our politicians finally dummy-up, and stop financially supporting them, then they are sure to close – all of them – every single one of them.
    It can’t come soon enough for the horses.

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