Horse Killed in Collision at Santa Anita; Trainer: “It’s an inherent risk we all take every day”

Xten, three, was killed Friday during morning training at Santa Anita. According to Blood-Horse, the colt suffered “neurological issues” following a collision with another horse. Apparently, Xten remained on the track for some three hours as “[a] dozen or so people attempted to encourage [him] to get to his feet.” Eventually, unable to “get upright,” he was carried onto the ambulance and “vanned” away to be euthanized. Trainer Tim Yakteen had this to say: “It’s an inherent risk we all take every day.”

At Golden Gate April 12, Maydaymaydaymayday “was injured while training near the quarter pole…and was euthanized” (Stewards Minutes). The filly was not yet three and had been raced eight times. Also at that track, jockey Juan Hernandez was fined $500 for “causing welts [with his whip]” on his “mount” Aotearoa on April 7. That’s $500 for patent animal cruelty – the sham of “equine welfare” on full display, again.

Finally, two “fatalities” are listed in the Santa Anita Minutes for the week April 9-April 15. We know (from other sources) that one was My Sweet Emma in the 5th April 15; the other, however, remains unidentified.


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  1. Horseracing is NOT a sport. It is a horrific industry that cripples, maims, and kills DAILY…..yes, an industry that chews the horses up and spits them out for human gratification.

  2. Horse racing in a nutshell?
    Here it goes: watching sore, tired, doped-up, non-consenting sentient beings get beaten/whipped, dumped, maimed and/or drop dead in the dirt.
    Tim shrugged it off because even DYING in this abhorrent business is acceptable.
    You can leave a comment to Tim Yakteen here:
    It’s time for us horse lovers to call out these animal abusers, visit their websites, and leave a comment.
    His wife, a former jockey, makes lots of money on TVG one of the largest wagering companies in the U.S.
    Racehorses die for these people and they need to know how we feel.
    I can see why he passed Teflon Bob’s training apprenticeship.

  3. I agree totally with Gina Powell, Racehorses DIE for these people who think nothing of it….All Horsel lovers need to get the message to these “Trainers, Owners,” STOP THE ABUSE OF HORSE RACING!

  4. It just breaks my heart to read these off hand comments spoken to give the illusion that the horse was regarded. If you do regard the horse, you would not let their true value as companion to man slide just to make a buck. This is what sticks in my craw. The lies of concern. Just say it – “so what, he died – we got more.”. Just say it!

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