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No words necessary…

Epsom Downs (England), 1966

Prescott Downs (Arizona), 2000

Pimlico (Barbaro’s eventually-fatal injury), 2006

Churchill Downs (Eight Belles snaps both front ankles), 2008

Aqueduct, 2009 (Private Details killed)

Arlington, 2009 (Born to Be killed)

Japan, 2010

Galway (Ireland), 2011

Charles Town, 2012

Monticello, 2013

Wexford Racecourse (Ireland), 2013

Del Mar, 2014 (Yes She’s Unusual killed)

Ffos Las Racecourse (Wales), 2016

Gulfstream, 2016 (Kandoo killed)

“Under Tack” Trials


  1. Thank You Patrick for Posting this. A picture and A video is worth 1,000 words. I hope and pray this will help to WAKE UP everyone on this planet to the sheer EVIL of horse racing once and for all. Thank you again for all of your hard work and research and reporting on behalf of Horses everywhere.

  2. If the following cannot be gotten, then we must SHUT DOWN THE BUSINESS OF HORSE RACING. — As long as these lovely horses are treated with care, respect and love throughout their lives, before, during and after their careers, I have no complaints. — Because these animals do NOT have a voice, they need the protection of animal lovers who, in turn, ensure these horses are treated properly — if we have this, we have everything! — This is what we should be fighting for, day in and day out! — These magnificent animals must be protected.

    To think they get abandoned during AND after their racing years, is cruel, unconscionable, depravedly indifferent, immoral, merciless, cowardly, irrational, shameful AND it should be ILLEGAL!

    Moreover, we MUST have a Sanctuary for ALL race horses … we should have a place, a soft place the horses can call “home” — these beautiful animals who do so much for their humans — With all the money around, a Sanctuary should be set up with all the necessary accommodations a horse could possibly want — shelter, food, medical attention, room to roam, places to socialize with other horses and humans, etc.

    I repeat, if he above cannot be gotten, then we must SHUT DOWN THE BUSINESS OF HORSE RACING.

  3. These videos are just heart wrenching, it so sad, so unfair, they never asked for that life….and never had a choice

    • Note: There are many who are in the process of changing the Law whereby animals are NOT considered property — they are IN FACT family members — If animals had genuine RIGHTS, as we humans do, this would NEVER be tolerated — NEVER! — The fact that animals are living, sentient beings with emotional, psychological lives is a NO-BRAINER — everyone KNOWS this! — Please look to NhRP : NONHUMAN RIGHTS PROJECT == “The legal struggle to recognize the fundamental rights of humans was arduous. — So, too, will be the struggle to recognize the fundamental rights of NONHUMAN animals, since so many humans benefit from exploiting them.” – NhRP President ‪@Steven_M_Wise‬

  4. I hope these videos find their way to people and create change. All this at man’s hands for Greed, Gambling and Entertainment. Thanks for being the voice for the voiceless.

  5. VILE.
    How can any moral, sane, and compassionate person view these videos, and think that this is okay?
    It’s NOT okay!
    Moreover, this is just a sneak preview of many more deaths that have gone on, and will go one until this business is shut down.
    Thank-you Steven Wise for your knowledgeable comment.
    Woman were once legal property.
    It took many years, and legal battles to eliminate woman as chattels.
    This key piece of legal change set the foundation for true emancipation, and it will for animals as well.
    Please folks, I implore you to stop supporting this carnage.
    Educate people, and write your politicians to stop all financial support to this horrific business.

  6. Once upon a time, I was a horse racing enthusiast. I read books about Northern Dancer, Seabiscuit, Black Gold, Secretariat, and Man O’ War. Every book I read made horse racing sound like it was fun; that there was no harm done, and no cruelty involved. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Every year, from the time I was around 5 onwards, I watched the American Triple Crown. I’ll never, EVER forget Secretariat’s historic Belmont victory (it really was spectacular – Secretariat was the best athlete I’ve ever seen – human included). HOWEVER, in 1973, I had absolutely no idea what really goes on, and I had never seen an accident.

    I’ll be 54 this year, and I haven’t watched a horse race since Eight Belles was destroyed in 2008. I’ve seen at least 3-4 horrific on-track accidents (including Barbaro’s) and cannot fathom why this industry is allowed to continue. It’s animal abuse – nothing more; nothing less. Thank God I never placed a bet on a race. I can’t watch these videos – already saw Eight Belles and Barbaro

    What happens to these poor horses is sickening… horrifying… and needs to STOP. Thank you Mr. Battuelo for all you do to expose the horse racing industry for what it is.

  7. Ralph Nicks, trainer of Kandoo, said that losing him was like losing a “family member.”
    Absurd, but he says this knowing that the secret medical records will protect him from the caring and wagering public who would otherwise hold him accountable under Felony Animal Cruelty charges and/or possible racketeering laws.
    We will never know how many times Kandoo got his joints injected, shock wave therapy, what dope he got, how many times etc etc.
    For all we know, he could have doped him up knowing he had a hairline fracture, and sent him out to die – we don’t know that for Kandoo or for any of the other dead racehorses for that matter.
    The medical records are both a safety issue for horse and jockey, but they are also legal public records because they generate their profits from the wagering public.
    Back in 2005 I attempted to introduce a rule, during a CHRB meeting, that would implement mandatory microchips for ALL racehorses via the Foal registration process.
    The microchips would contain all medical records, and would make it very easy for vets to comply with this by using a portable scanner every time a racehorse was treated.
    My sole intention, I was a strong supporter of the industry at that time, was for the welfare of the racehorse (decrease invasive procedures, eliminate communicable diseases with vaccination records etc.) not realizing that I was opening up a can of worms.
    After all, among other things, the microchip would trace back to the breeder and connections of the racehorses standing at a kill auction in manure up to their knees.
    Anyways, my idea was quickly shot down because secrecy, unaccountability, self-management, no neutral oversight is all a deliberate plan of this industry as I found out.
    My rose colored glasses were beginning to get dirty.
    A microchip would hold them accountable, and that’s something they didn’t want then, and don’t want now.
    If you take the time to read this article you will see that it’s just a bunch of public wallpaper, yet again, with little to nothing getting done with a watered down version of what it should actually be.
    Let’s be clear the horse racing business, which is essentially a gigantic wagering company, makes billions off the unsuspecting wagering public who have no idea what dope is used on what horse.
    This is a VILE and corrupt business from start to finish, but it’s the racehorses who pay with their lives – they are non-consenting pawns that generate billions in profit while dying in the dirt.
    So please leave the racehorses out of your gambling.

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